The Girls Turn 4! 

Dear Girls,
I bet you have heard me say “I love you” for too many times in a day, but,

Do you know that you three are always the last ones I think of before I go to sleep and the first after I wake up?

Do you realise that having you in my life is God’s greatest gift to me and I still don’t know why I deserve you all?

Have you ever thought that being away from you even for a while is a torture to me? 

Have you recently counted the numbers of gray hair I’ve grown over my worriness of your wellbeing?

Did you already find out just how many events, social clubs and hangouts and even works I deliberately skipped just to spend more time with you?

Because I’m crazy in love you three.
I love to spend most of my time with you.

I may not be popular in so many ways, but who needs popularity when I have the most wonderful girls in my life?

I sure do sometimes need some time away, but how can I be happy without you near me?

I want to know the things that make you giggle,

I want to first discover your new vocabularies,

I want to see you graduate from schools,

I want to be there on our celebration dinner after landing your first jobs,

I want to be present and give my blessings on your wedding days,

I want to witness your happy family,

I want you to hold my hands when my time has come,

But if it’s all too much to ask, I just want to say thank you Allah for the amazing four years of raising my triplets. May you three grow healthily and happily. 




If Patience Were for Sale

I would definitely stand on the first line or even camp in the day before just to get it fast. But once you’re a mother, I’ve learned that it’s all it takes to a successful (read: happy) childhood..and motherhood. I’m sorry I wrote my hubby off the list since he clearly has more patience than I do when it comes to deal with kids (and everything else), so I’m selfishly saying and emphasizing on motherhood, not parenthood as a teamwork let alone grandparenthood which obviously consists of lollipops, sweet gummies and all the happy jolly stuff. 

The girls reigned over the guestroom after creating a pile of mess in another room. Just before hitting to a new spot. Tidy up? Of course they’re up for it after series of hourly lectures coming out of their fussy mom.

Yup, pretty much what I experience everyday. Sure they say a messy house means memories or creativity on the making, well whatever beeing cooked or baked, when you get to say the same thing over and over again, you’ll reach a point when you feel like you’re done talking. And yet you cannot because you’re a mom and that’s the top qualification you should own. 

If you haven’t already known, I do everything that my kids need, from A to Z, dawn to dusk, while doing my two home-based, full time jobs. No, I don’t need any admiration because I think being a mom is the best thing that’s ever happened to my life and I can’t be thankful enough for that, however, all I need is patience. I have the sweetest, prettiest girls in the world who can flip their loving attitude into a disastrous one in a second. Exactly, kids! A life-long lesson to learn from and about, and I’m still very much an avid student.

I admit I haven’t been the best mother when I lose it, when I raise my voice just to be heard because of those busy minds buzzing inside their own heads they seem to skip to listen to whatever said to their own good. You got it, approach. Develop an approach and talk the language they understand, says one theory I read somewhere. When you’re in front of three screaming 3yo’s fighting for a used straw just because one of their siblings has it while the other two don’t, and you fail to offer a better and more decent, real toy to play with, you most probably think all those theories are crap. 

Until I came across my way to deal with the situation, my genuine and organic set of theory which continues to grow as I’m finding my own approach. Yes, everything is so subjective, forgive me, parenting gurus, I need to postpone those wrinkles from landing into many more spots in my face sooner than I thought.

So during time of crisis, I would think of their faces when they were born or a few months old. Thanks to the memories any social media platforms always remind you of on a daily basis, also, my favorite app on laptop when taking a break from work docs: iPhoto. I often forget those tiny little feet that learned to walk then constantly fell, or those cute blabbering mouths on a mission to find the language people understand. Happy memories in three years plus only with the power of exploding my Mac because of their size, literally. 

Three years ago, I knoww! 

Another realiastic solution I discovered was let them deal with their own problem and give them time to hopefully find a way out based on the things you show them previously. Kids are footstep followers and the examples stick forever once given. Giving an alternative toy is what I often see now from one of the sisters during a frenzy, unless someone becomes highly provocative in lighting another fire, then I can smile from afar while preparing their meals or replying emails. Or else, I will just be the judge of the unhappy faces, hug whoever the victim is (usually who cries the loudest, again, subjective. Sorry, gurus!), and tell all of them to be good to their sisters, offer a different compelling activity and five minutes tops, I’ll hear their friendly chit chat again all over the walls. If all the tricks won’t work, I will just sing all the greatest hits of all time because singing make me feel less stressed as well as a tool to tempt the curious hear who find one the new words sound funny, then make fun out of it, giggle over and suddenly all my troubles seem so far away.  

Happy thoughts! 

Blame It on The Wind

Today rounded the second month we dealed with doctors the most, hospital trips and all those restless nights checking the girls’ temperature, giving warm damp towels to help reduce the high fever and just being worried. 

I blame it on the wind.

Whenever there’s a bit of sunshine, the wind has always been stronger. I once took the girls out for some free loads of vitamin D -after weeks of absence due to the windy situation-, but the cost I had to pay was the girls catching fever shortly after since the winds seemed to take control on everything.

Bridget marked the most frequent hospital visitor since December. This month alone, she has seen a doctor for three times. The nasty virus after the school holiday has suffered all the girls high fever just a couple of weeks ago, followed by contagious coughs and flu symptoms. 

And tonight, another trip to the hospital’s ER was taken after Izzie threw up too frequently this afternoon, causing her unability to take down anything. Thankfully, the doctor soon released us after a thorough reaction check so that Izzie wouldn’t need to get some IV treatment. 

Since there are only five of us – me, hubby and triplet girls-, so sometimes I need to wait for hubby to come home from work to look after the healthy kids, while I can take the sick one to hospital. I’m thankful that my girls have always been cooperative during our trips, they would just sit nicely in the car, say less words so that mommy can drive smoothly despite the worried mind, fall asleep sometimes, and just do whatever told. I once left Bridget in the car, locked her in, while I did a real quick stop at a minimarket to get her some soft food. And she was just sitting there at her seat in silence, did exactly as she was told to. I burst into tears just to think that she might’ve been too weak to resist her mom’s orders.

Hope the strange strong winds disappear soon so we can say hello again to the true organic healer, Mr. Golden Sun. 

In the meantime, here’s hope that all the kids in the world will stay healthy and happy. 

Food and Beverage

We, that’s me and my triplet girls, went to fix my broken phone at a mall nearby just last week. We stopped by for lunch at that famous udon place to find a few kids also dining with their mothers alone. I kept showing my girls that none of them was fed by their moms, the kids who were slightly older than the girls ate by themselves. Bridget always replies to this discussion, “Only babies are fed by their moms, right Mom?” And I always say, “Why, of course! Therefore, since you girls are no longer babies, you have to feed yourself.”

I took the liberty to have a small chat with a Japanese lady who sat next to us after we both left our tables. She carried her baby while the bigger sister, aged 4, sat on the stroller shortly after she finished her bowls of udon. We both exchanged compliments and to my surprise, that was actually the last time I fed my girls, at that restaurant. 

Later in the afternoon, as Bridget and Izzie got up from their nap, all three of us sat on their pink chairs, getting ready for dinner when they now refused to be fed! Wasn’t I the happiest mom on earth?! Well I know it took them a while to finally eat by themselves, in my defense, I raise them with my two bare hands so I definitely need a few more time in reaching a milestone, but all I noticed from these three is that they need a real good example to finally hit them. More than just words. Not even words coming from their mom. ESPECIALLY not that one.

Same case when we said good bye to our milk bottles. God knows how long and how much money I have spent on buying attractive looking bottles with straws or glasses just to ditch the milk bottles. Eventually, a visit to dentist who told ME that drinking milk while sleeping could damage their teeth and caused them for another visit to the dentist, -they were paying attention despite the dentist spoke to me-, did a really significant change to our life. Later in the evening, everyone went to bed after finishing their milk and no more midnight milk drinking. We’ve switched the formula into fresh or UHT milk and really push on their food intake. But hey, those Japanese kids only had udon for lunch, no meat nor veggies seen, and they’re still one of the brightest nations on earth. I can get easy on it every once in a while, I reckon. 

Living with Three 3YO’s

Juggling among works, house chores and most importantly the girls has been quite smoother these days. I don’t want to jinx it but it’s true they say that kids are getting easier to live with as they get bigger. Sure it’s a lifetime of paranoia, only in another kind of forms. Guess it’s what’s parenthood, hmm motherhood is all about, though.

I have found the girls are more like my besties now. We eat, watch TV, read, cook and play together. They looove to sit on the kitchen counter and watch me cook, super happy when I ask them to help hold the mixer or sprinkle the chocolate chips when we bake our cookies or cupcakes. 

Over play time, sometimes they get too carried away with their own scenes they don’t want me to take part of. Yay, more time to catch up on my fav sitcoms. But most of the times, they ask me to join their imaginative rides. Current hit these days in home is the school scene, where two of them pretend to be classmates and one is the teacher, while I’m the baby. Payback time, huh, kiddos? 

You can always tell that the only time when our home sounds really quiet is when the kids take a nap or sleep at night. Other than that, there are endless conversations, fights over toys, mom gives order to kids, kids give order to mom and so on and so forth. My favorite line to say has got to be: “Please lower your voice down pleasee, Mom’s working.” While theirs, “Mom, what are you working at?  “Have you finished working?” “What is that you’re making for lunch?” “Is that the smell of Jelly? “What Jelly are we eating today?” “Can we have Jelly now?” 

You see, I only stop talking when I sleep.

Triplets Go to School!

We decided to enroll the girls a year sooner than our actual plan after much thoughts and considerations, so instead of starting as kindergarten students, they’re now officially enrolled to a playgroup. So far so good, we feel fitted to the foundation of building a kid’s character in a certain religion-based education. The girls  will only be introduced to simple ABC, 123, nothing else close to learn to read and count, however, they will be stuffed with more basic lessons in life. How to be good to yourself, family, someone else, start to do your own simple chores, finish your food, respect the elders and all that jazz. I’m a big believer that young minds need these kinds of basic manners to start with, not only from home, but schoool plays as important role in creating a better nation and our next generation. Please don’t get me started with that current social media sensation which attracts millions of viewers, fans and haters over something that’s totally rubish and saddening at the same time.

Anyways, here are the troops during their first day of school! 

They wouldn’t let go of me for the first two-school days. Third day, which happened the last day of the week , I dropped them in class right away and let the teacher do their works of soothing three crying toddlers, while the class assistant seemed busy cleaning up Bridget and Izzie’s puke from what I could hear from outside the classroom and indoor playground. Kids need to be consistent and keep their promises. They have promised me that I should be just waiting outside the door and pick them up soon as school’s finished. But I totally understand, they’re only three and always around their family particularly me, all the time, so that’s pretty much common for kids at their age to be nervous and untrusting strangers. 

Still looked nervous and uncomfortable, but yet started to trust their teachers after third day of school. 

The girls always tell me their activities at school, it’s become one of our trending topics at home anytime now. They look super excited when telling their teachers’ names, one of their friends found a spider, and how they decided to make friends only with the teachers and not their friends. OK girls, wait until you find your BFFs. 

Today marks their sixth day and for the first time I dropped them in the classroom without any tears nor puke. Izzie only requested to keep the door open and her teacher granted her wish for a while as after that several kids tried to escape from classs and find their mommies. Seriously, although I have my own semi-private kindergarten at home consisting of three students, I haven’t been bored to witness the lively and dynamic atmosphere of a real one. Something to giggle about in the morning. 

Triplets Turning Three!

Just before they slept tonight, I went all nostalgic of how they were sooooooo little. Born so skinny and as tiny as a teddy bear, two of them had to stay in incubators for another 16 days to grow, milk time was super challenging since all they wanted to do was sleep and sleep catching up what they missed for a few more weeks in my womb. And now, they’re three.

Maddie is still a fierce and firm girl with a sensitive heart. She’s also shy now to people she just met. She loves to tell her sisters what to do and often opts for peace rather than to fight over a silly thing. You can hear her speak let alone laugh from a long distance.

Bridget eats more and more each day and her curiosity could kill a lion. She asks a lot and never stops talking until she gets what she needs to hear. And because of that amount of curiosity too, she is able to take off all her clothes before shower and put on her pants as well as help her sister when asked, put on and take off socks and shoes, do the dishes after cleaning up post meals, and yet still super clingy and possesive to her dad.

Izzie is a fast learner and sometimes I wonder if it’s true that according to some Javanese people, the youngest multiple sibling is usually the oldest, because she tends to be the one who seems to be mature, despite the fact she likes to be called Baby Arlo. She graduated from toilet training in less than a week and is now very comfortable using the toilet, she’s like the girls’s spokesperson who answers questions from strangers or anyone but their family.

Other than individual milestones, all of them can now recite almost fluently three surahs: Al Fatihah, Al Ikhlas and An Nas. Sing all the time, pick their noses and give their booger to me and love to make a mess around the house just like any kids at their age.

I pray for their longevity, health, happiness, wealth and usefullness in life.

Happy birthday, my babies. Shine on.