First Trip!

The girls went a little far from the city for a quick weekend getaway with the whole family in Bogor. With the usual formation, Izzara sat on my lap, Madynna on the nanny’s and Brigetta on car seat, the journey took about two hours, the longest triplets’ car trip by far. Everyone looked relief soon as we arrived at the hotel, especially Madynna. She seemed the happiest with the new place, environment and all. As usual, the triplets were soon to attract many attention by the hotel guests as we’re checkin in.


Playing house in the hotel room.

After midnight snack. Madynna is still all smiles even at the wee hours.

The girls still followed the routines such as sleep, drink and bath on the usual time. Izzara, however, seemed a bit cranky especially now that she’s lifted her head much she fell frustrated for not being able to sit up.

We went home the next morning. The girls spent the whole trip back home dozing off. No drama.





Roll Over I

The girls have started to show their interest in rolling over since their last three months’ weeks. Found Madynna did the action first at her sleeping box. Ten minutes later, Izzara showed off her skill on the couch. Brigetta kept it until her dad came home from work in the evening. Speaking of simultaneous. Here are some of the evidences how rolling over may be both fun and painful for them.

I’m on my tummy and I know it.

The key of a successful roll-over is to hold your sister’s shirt who’s performing the act.

Bald babies on tummy galore. They’re discussing a new strategy to skip milk.

Shiny Smiley Babies

Well, that at least what they appear to be at home. Smiles are effortlessly lured. Madynna will put her gorgeous smile to anyone who’s making eye contact with her, and is sure to give her bestest when she got called lovely or beautiful. Brigetta loves to specifically smile at our wedding photograph that’s hanging on the wall. She must be thinking her mom and dad are wearing some kind of funny clown uniforms. Izzara is all smiles for anything at all. Simply smile at her, then she’ll the return the gesture.

Meanwhile, Madynna almost consistently shows her generous smile to strangers, while Izzara and Brigetta tend to hold their smiles to people they are not familiar with.

Oh by the way, Izzara just produced her first giggle yesterday during our afternoon bath time. She giggled for a couple or more seconds when I did the I Love You massage on her tummy. When I took my phone to record her voice and did the massage again, she went all silent. Typical.




The Girl With An Earring

Izzara was found tearfully crying rather than usual. Turns out, one of her earrings fell off and left the piercing bleed a little. Quickly I applied antiseptic and Betadine on her ear to prevent infection. And probably won’t put the earring back on as long as she still likes scratching her ear for fun.


No earring.

The girls got pierced last month at Bunda Hospital, conducted by a nurse specialized in piercing and circumcision. So triplets got the whole package at once. It broke my heart to see their ears pierced with a needle. The girls have already experienced the cost of beauty which often comes with pain. Ouch.

Madynna getting her ears pierced while Bridget watching for a moral support.

Izzara and her new earrings.

Hold My Toys

The girls have started to hold everything within their reach such as bibs, stuffed animals, hanging toys and my hair. Oh yeah, they’re big fans of pulling my hair and won’t let go like there’s no tomorrow. They’ve also developed a curiosity to have a taste of everything they can hold.

20130920-121530.jpg   20130920-121557.jpg

“Take a look at my stuffed animal. Tastes pretty good, too.”



“I love to twirl my toys around so they can hypnotize me.”

Not Much Of Heavy Drinkers Anymore

The trips have started to show that milk isn’t really their priority right now. If they could skip feeding time for a nap, play or thumbsucking, they’d a thousand times opt for that. Even at night, they won’t wake up to a bottle of milk and they can hold the thirst and hunger as long as seven hours. They’re probably fed up of milk and in the need of food already. Be patient, babies, we got one and half months to go before meal time.

It worries me a little, though, since the peditrician has set a target of 800ml/day and most days we can only reach 700 something. Therefore, we put any efforts to compensate milk consumption during the day, picking up what’s lacking at night while giving them as much as they can take before the sun goes down and long sleep hours begin. Bright side is I can start sleeping like any other normal people again. Four to five hours a day, that is.