Let’s Get Bald!

As suggested by many to shave your baby’s head bald in order to make their hair grow thicker and healthier, so here goes mom/barber to the execution table…taffle.

First up, we got Izzara whose hair is the thinnest among others. Perfect for a tryout.

She seemed to enjoy the whole process she even fell asleep. When she woke up, she smiled as I ran the razor through her head. I chose the traditional shaving razor for sensitive skin. So the blade’s super delicate. And it’s pink. Enough said.

Half bald. She started to get bored with our little shaving game and moved a lot. Spongebath time’s almost up and there were still two ladies in queue. So my motherly instinct told me to continue tomorrow during morning bath time and leave my baby half bald.

And it was also Bridget’s turn to get bald the next morning. Having had thicker hair, it was obviously not easy plus she moved a lot!

20130906-145612.jpg 20130906-145703.jpg

She also fell asleep. Must’ve been lovely having her head massaged gently.

And here goes Madynna and her first beauty treatment ever.

20130906-201459.jpg 20130906-201650.jpg
Have I told you she had the thickest hair of all? She must’ve taken down all the mung bean porridge I ate every day when I was pregenant. Anyways, half an hour later, still looking pretty much hairy.

An hour later. Almost there but milk time’s approaching so next bathtime. The decision has cost Madynna looking like Professor Lang Ling Lung.


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