Suddenly, Four Months Later

Introducing the new skill I’ve developed in four months, shaving baby’s head bald.

In case you’re planning to do the same, here may come in handy when deals with baby’s haircut.
1. First of all, make sure the razor is new and sterilized. When using electric razor, have it cleaned. Prepare antiseptic, just in case.
2. Tell your baby that you’re about to shave their head since it’s part of their body, so they have the right to know.
3. Keep talking to them during the process. Pause every once in a while for an eye contact especially if they feel like playing.
4. Explore every possible position that may be more convenient for them. Although mostly done on taffle, I held my babies often so that I could reach the back of the head or to soothe them whenever they started looking uncomfortable.
5. Be patient. Don’t expect perfection, the hair will grow in no time. Just have fun.

20130907-195126.jpg   Not bad for a rookie, eh? 😉


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