Family Gatherings!

The girls made their first public appearance at the family gatherings held just a couple of weeks ago at two places at once, in Bekasi and Sentul. Thankfully, they all seemed to have a good time being carried by different members of family. Slept in different beds prepared by the hosts like they’ve done it before. Madynna even pooped soon as we touched down at house number one, marking her territory.

The girls met their cousin, Neil, who was born five months earlier. Fifteen years later you may find the four of them going to Tribute to One Direction Concert together.

Arrived in Sentul, super sleepy girls, super hungry mom. I’m thinking of inventing a food capsule, astronaut style, so that I can consume during a family gathering like this. Aside from answering lots of questions regarding the triplets, all we did was fed the babies, burped them and changed diapers and clothes. Fortunately, princesses were being totally cooperative and sweet. That’s what matters the most.


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