Not Much Of Heavy Drinkers Anymore

The trips have started to show that milk isn’t really their priority right now. If they could skip feeding time for a nap, play or thumbsucking, they’d a thousand times opt for that. Even at night, they won’t wake up to a bottle of milk and they can hold the thirst and hunger as long as seven hours. They’re probably fed up of milk and in the need of food already. Be patient, babies, we got one and half months to go before meal time.

It worries me a little, though, since the peditrician has set a target of 800ml/day and most days we can only reach 700 something. Therefore, we put any efforts to compensate milk consumption during the day, picking up what’s lacking at night while giving them as much as they can take before the sun goes down and long sleep hours begin. Bright side is I can start sleeping like any other normal people again. Four to five hours a day, that is.



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