Shiny Smiley Babies

Well, that at least what they appear to be at home. Smiles are effortlessly lured. Madynna will put her gorgeous smile to anyone who’s making eye contact with her, and is sure to give her bestest when she got called lovely or beautiful. Brigetta loves to specifically smile at our wedding photograph that’s hanging on the wall. She must be thinking her mom and dad are wearing some kind of funny clown uniforms. Izzara is all smiles for anything at all. Simply smile at her, then she’ll the return the gesture.

Meanwhile, Madynna almost consistently shows her generous smile to strangers, while Izzara and Brigetta tend to hold their smiles to people they are not familiar with.

Oh by the way, Izzara just produced her first giggle yesterday during our afternoon bath time. She giggled for a couple or more seconds when I did the I Love You massage on her tummy. When I took my phone to record her voice and did the massage again, she went all silent. Typical.





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