First Trip!

The girls went a little far from the city for a quick weekend getaway with the whole family in Bogor. With the usual formation, Izzara sat on my lap, Madynna on the nanny’s and Brigetta on car seat, the journey took about two hours, the longest triplets’ car trip by far. Everyone looked relief soon as we arrived at the hotel, especially Madynna. She seemed the happiest with the new place, environment and all. As usual, the triplets were soon to attract many attention by the hotel guests as we’re checkin in.


Playing house in the hotel room.

After midnight snack. Madynna is still all smiles even at the wee hours.

The girls still followed the routines such as sleep, drink and bath on the usual time. Izzara, however, seemed a bit cranky especially now that she’s lifted her head much she fell frustrated for not being able to sit up.

We went home the next morning. The girls spent the whole trip back home dozing off. No drama.





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