Roll Over II

It’s official, the girls have added lying on their tummies to their favorite things to do list, especially Madynna and Bridget who seem pretty aggresive. Izzie sometimes does it, but not as often as her sisters. Ok updated as per October 29th, Izzie suddenly becomes the queen of rolling over! She does it in fer factor style, the more challenging, the better.

Bridget looooves to babble a lot with her high-pitched voice and sometimes screams just to channel her happiness being able to move in different directions. Meanwhile, Madynna has gone super active and will roll over anytime anywhere. When I say anywhere, that includes on my lap and the bouncer. Bath time has gotten so much merrier now, not only are their hands always occupied holding anything (everyone’s favorite is a plastic bag of cotton balls), but also the maneuver which often costs us mopping the floor.




First Meal!

Finally, the moment we all have been waiting for has arrived: meal time! Hurraaaay! Raayhu!

I found this site is very helpful for first-time mothers to feed first-time eaters-> Thanks Mbak Erry for the awesome info!

As suggested, the girls’s very first encounter to solid food was avocado. Bought last night, the fruit looked perfectly ripe and creamy. Izzara was up first. She showed her funniest-looking face. Totally baffled of the new sensation in her mouth. Too confused to eat she kept down a few spoons of the puree and spit the rest.

Madynna didn’t even bother to have a taste of the fruit, she quickly spit the whole food out.

Guess I wasn’t the only one looking forward to getting the girls to eat. Bridget turned out to be the most ready among them. Truly a joyful experience feeding her for the first time. She opened her mouth wide and took down to the last bit of half the fruit. Not bad for a rookie.


Second attempt on Izzara and Madynna, this time around feeding them with homemade rice cereal. They loved it! All smiles and laughs all through meal time. Never had I seen any babies before looking so happy at meal times. Bridget was too, as always, she ate the most of the food. Their faces were like saying, thank you for feeding us with REAL food, at last!

They started eating at exactly at 5m2w yesterday, a couple of weeks earlier than the supposedly 6 months, following their insignificant weight gain from last month. Turns out they got bored already with liquids only. Welcome, solid food!


Why You Shouldn’t Buy Expensive Baby Outfits

That’s because you don’t really wanna dress them with the same fashion items over and over again. Babies are like celebrities. Once an outfit worn, you gotta throw it away. Ok maybe let your baby wear it for a couple more times, max. Also, thanks to various social media platforms to where you post your baby’s pictures in different poses and occassions. Letting the audience. notice the same outfit your baby wears in different pictures? A big no no.

On a more serious note why you shouldn’t buy expensive clothes for your baby is simply because they grow too fast. In no time, your newborn will fit into 6-9mo jumpsuits. Rather than investing to highly priced yet cute baby dresses, it’s wise to always check out for discounted yet still cute ones. Especially if you have three infants to dress at once.

These are the dresses the girls wore a couple of months ago.

Still very much dress-y, right?

Now here’s what they appear to be recently.

Very blouse-y.




Together At Last

I was just showing the girls pictures of our family on the iPad when I came across Brigetta and Izzara’s images when they were still at the hospital’s NICU post birth. I suddenly burst into tears recalling the most dreadful 16 days of my life, when my children, the ones I gave birth to, had to be separated from me for a special care due to their inability to suckle, the most basic primitive reflex a baby should have. Having been given birth at 34 weeks (based on doctor’s calculation, mine was 34w5d though), the only who survived NICU for a short observation was Madynna who was released just a few hours and placed at the healthy baby’s room. Meanwhile, my last two angels were kept away from me and I wasn’t allowed to get off the bed until 24 hours after c-sectio surgery. When I finally got to meet Bridget and Izzara, they were just sleeping peacefully in the incubators. Oxygen, heart-beat indicator and other medical devices were all around their first place on earth, instead of my arms. Couldn’t help myself from weeping all through my first NICU visit. I couldn’t even touch them. They didn’t know how it felt to be cuddled by their own mother. All alone in the warm incubator, probably thinking they were still in the womb. The next days and after I was discharged from the hospital together with Madynna, we visited our babies while bringing them pumped breast milk, reciting the Holy Qur’an, singing to them, caressing their skin for a little hope they would feel the warmth of their parents’ love. I remember the first time I held Bridget when the nurse was about to feed her. I didn’t do nothing but cried and kissed her all over, and she gave her brightest smile as if she understood I’m her mother. Thinking of how my babies cried in the incubators and no one to hold them, all alone day and night, still brings me to tears even until now.

During our play yesterday, I held Izzara and Bridget so tight, kissed and kissed and kissed them till they giggled and probably slightly wondered what’s gotten into their mom’s mind. They’re entitled for unlimited hugs and kisses -the ones they didn’t get for the first 16 days of their lives-, for the rest of their lives.

My baby Brigetta.

Izzara baby.

Baby Madynna was waiting for her sisters to come home.

Finally reunited. The first picture of the triplets together. On her first night home, Bridget found it hard to sleep on their bed until I took her to sleep with me. Since then, the girls sleep safe and soundly when on the same bed with us. This won’t last forever though. Before i know it, they’ll go to school, work, have boyfriends, get married and start their own family. Okay that’s a bit too far.

Five Months Young

Wow it’s only a month away before the girls can start EATING. I so can’t wait! And I have a feeling neither can they. So here are a few things triplets have been fond to do, or probably what people say the milestones reached by far.
– They roll over whenever there’s a chance to do so. Still need help most of the time. Already showed interest to reach their favorite toy placed upfront. Their legs are showing signs of crawling.
-Soft books, hanging toys and music are a few of their most favorite things. Their most favorite person? Me, I guess. Well, hopefully :)))
– They like telling stories, yelling for a companionship especially Madynna who hates to be left alone, screaming when watching tv or given favorite stuffed animal.
– They lift their heads a lot, especially Izzara. Can hardly wait to get up and go to the movie with her sisters.
– Inserting any possible and reachable object into their mouths. Favorite item? Sibling’s thumb!
– Speaking of whom, the have begun to give a meaningful look to their sisters.
– When they’ve had enough of milk, their hand will gently (or otherwise) push my fingers away from the bottle. Or Bridget’s style, pinches my lady finger full force so I can’t continue feeding her. Now you know why my right hand is full of deep scratches.
– They’ve officially had their first runny nose just a few days ago. Firstly, Bridget got it from her dad. Then she transferred it to Izzara. So we go sunbathing everyday now ( normally we go once every two days) and I gave the so-called inhalation. Having them sleep as much as they can, a little less play time. More milk given while they’re sleeping. I know, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

How To Trick Baby Into Drinking Milk

Okay, this may not be the best idea in the world, but since Madynna showed her rejection to milk, there were many ways tried to get her finished her bottle effortlessly. And the least painful trick by far is to get her sleep first on her bouncer. That’s right, the one at the front of tv. With or without the tv on, when she’s about to go into deep sleep, slowly insert the bottle into her mouth. Bottom up! Gone in no time.


Kids and TV

Hi 5, Sofia The First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are popular among kids. And babies. Mine. I don’t know how old one should start making acquaintances with television, but the girls have shown signs of tv fans pretty early. At first, my intention was nothing but to introduce them to colors , shapes and music. But they’ve found watching tv is pretty much recreational lately. They pay much attention on whatever program they’re watching, sometimes they even squeak and sigh. And when they get bored, they’ll just turn their heads around and see other objects in the room that attract them more. Me, for example. Has always been their favorite object to smile to. Bliss.

Izzie is the most persistent and consistent when it comes to lifting her head as if she’s going to stand up. Especially when she watches tv. Hang in there, kiddo, we have several more months and milestones to go through before you reach the goal.

Focused on telly!

Babies. Dawn. After milk. See the remote control? Oh my.