Kids and TV

Hi 5, Sofia The First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are popular among kids. And babies. Mine. I don’t know how old one should start making acquaintances with television, but the girls have shown signs of tv fans pretty early. At first, my intention was nothing but to introduce them to colors , shapes and music. But they’ve found watching tv is pretty much recreational lately. They pay much attention on whatever program they’re watching, sometimes they even squeak and sigh. And when they get bored, they’ll just turn their heads around and see other objects in the room that attract them more. Me, for example. Has always been their favorite object to smile to. Bliss.

Izzie is the most persistent and consistent when it comes to lifting her head as if she’s going to stand up. Especially when she watches tv. Hang in there, kiddo, we have several more months and milestones to go through before you reach the goal.

Focused on telly!

Babies. Dawn. After milk. See the remote control? Oh my.


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