Five Months Young

Wow it’s only a month away before the girls can start EATING. I so can’t wait! And I have a feeling neither can they. So here are a few things triplets have been fond to do, or probably what people say the milestones reached by far.
– They roll over whenever there’s a chance to do so. Still need help most of the time. Already showed interest to reach their favorite toy placed upfront. Their legs are showing signs of crawling.
-Soft books, hanging toys and music are a few of their most favorite things. Their most favorite person? Me, I guess. Well, hopefully :)))
– They like telling stories, yelling for a companionship especially Madynna who hates to be left alone, screaming when watching tv or given favorite stuffed animal.
– They lift their heads a lot, especially Izzara. Can hardly wait to get up and go to the movie with her sisters.
– Inserting any possible and reachable object into their mouths. Favorite item? Sibling’s thumb!
– Speaking of whom, the have begun to give a meaningful look to their sisters.
– When they’ve had enough of milk, their hand will gently (or otherwise) push my fingers away from the bottle. Or Bridget’s style, pinches my lady finger full force so I can’t continue feeding her. Now you know why my right hand is full of deep scratches.
– They’ve officially had their first runny nose just a few days ago. Firstly, Bridget got it from her dad. Then she transferred it to Izzara. So we go sunbathing everyday now ( normally we go once every two days) and I gave the so-called inhalation. Having them sleep as much as they can, a little less play time. More milk given while they’re sleeping. I know, but I gotta do what I gotta do.


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