Why You Shouldn’t Buy Expensive Baby Outfits

That’s because you don’t really wanna dress them with the same fashion items over and over again. Babies are like celebrities. Once an outfit worn, you gotta throw it away. Ok maybe let your baby wear it for a couple more times, max. Also, thanks to various social media platforms to where you post your baby’s pictures in different poses and occassions. Letting the audience. notice the same outfit your baby wears in different pictures? A big no no.

On a more serious note why you shouldn’t buy expensive clothes for your baby is simply because they grow too fast. In no time, your newborn will fit into 6-9mo jumpsuits. Rather than investing to highly priced yet cute baby dresses, it’s wise to always check out for discounted yet still cute ones. Especially if you have three infants to dress at once.

These are the dresses the girls wore a couple of months ago.

Still very much dress-y, right?

Now here’s what they appear to be recently.

Very blouse-y.





One thought on “Why You Shouldn’t Buy Expensive Baby Outfits

  1. God has entrusted you with some adorable baby girls. Triplets! A huge blessing indeed. We are parents of twins. We’ve loved every minute . . . almost. You have some good advice in being thoughtful and thrifty. We need to be wise as we dress our cute baby girls in smart outfits. ~

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