First Meal!

Finally, the moment we all have been waiting for has arrived: meal time! Hurraaaay! Raayhu!

I found this site is very helpful for first-time mothers to feed first-time eaters-> Thanks Mbak Erry for the awesome info!

As suggested, the girls’s very first encounter to solid food was avocado. Bought last night, the fruit looked perfectly ripe and creamy. Izzara was up first. She showed her funniest-looking face. Totally baffled of the new sensation in her mouth. Too confused to eat she kept down a few spoons of the puree and spit the rest.

Madynna didn’t even bother to have a taste of the fruit, she quickly spit the whole food out.

Guess I wasn’t the only one looking forward to getting the girls to eat. Bridget turned out to be the most ready among them. Truly a joyful experience feeding her for the first time. She opened her mouth wide and took down to the last bit of half the fruit. Not bad for a rookie.


Second attempt on Izzara and Madynna, this time around feeding them with homemade rice cereal. They loved it! All smiles and laughs all through meal time. Never had I seen any babies before looking so happy at meal times. Bridget was too, as always, she ate the most of the food. Their faces were like saying, thank you for feeding us with REAL food, at last!

They started eating at exactly at 5m2w yesterday, a couple of weeks earlier than the supposedly 6 months, following their insignificant weight gain from last month. Turns out they got bored already with liquids only. Welcome, solid food!



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