Roll Over II

It’s official, the girls have added lying on their tummies to their favorite things to do list, especially Madynna and Bridget who seem pretty aggresive. Izzie sometimes does it, but not as often as her sisters. Ok updated as per October 29th, Izzie suddenly becomes the queen of rolling over! She does it in fer factor style, the more challenging, the better.

Bridget looooves to babble a lot with her high-pitched voice and sometimes screams just to channel her happiness being able to move in different directions. Meanwhile, Madynna has gone super active and will roll over anytime anywhere. When I say anywhere, that includes on my lap and the bouncer. Bath time has gotten so much merrier now, not only are their hands always occupied holding anything (everyone’s favorite is a plastic bag of cotton balls), but also the maneuver which often costs us mopping the floor.




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