Saddest Day Of Our Life

Triplets’ grandpa, my very own dad, passed away today. His health hasn’t improved since July and took his final breath in front of my eyes. I was with my mom, beside his dying bed, prayed, talked and even sang for him. Yes, I sang his favorite songs, More by Nat King Cole, followed by The Casual’s Jesamine, while rubbing his hair, kissing his cheeks, and holding his hand. Mom then kept saying “I love you” and kissed him tenderly, both of us were busy saying I love you when the machine started to produce odd sounds. Turned out it was a flat line. I’m the happiest child who accompanied my father till his very last moment on earth and guided through his new path with a Syahadat and dzikir.

Although the triplets had only known their grandpa for six months, but I believe he’ll always be around us during our playtime, sleep and even bath time when we usually send our prayers for him. And I know that he will always be there for me whenever I need him. I may no longer hold him, but his spirit will always be within me.

Grandpa during the girls’ Akikah.

Grandpa loved every moment of our togetherness. Something I will surely pass to the girls, family comes first and make ourselves useful for as many.

My dad was a fun loving, totally romantic person. He dedicated his life to his family, friends and whoever in the need of his help. He never complained, a true hard worker, and someone whom I really thankful for and proud of. Everyone came to the funeral remembered him as a kind-hearted person and has been speaking so highly of him. We’re glad to have made him happy and proud to the end of his journey.

So long my dearest daddy, the captain of my heart, the man of my life, my everything. Till we meet again. As much as I’ll miss saying, “daddddyyy” whenever you’re in sight, I know it’s only a blink of an eye before I get to see you again. Have a joyful time in heaven, please do watch over us, and we’ll continue make you proud. My everything.

The come and the go this year. My 2013.

Our last Lebaran together.

Our latest family picture together. A happy ending as he always wanted. Wait for us, Daddy!


First Mall Visit

It’s official, the babies have gone public and had a a glimpse of capitalism with a visit to the mall for the very first time. We were actually just getting organic rice flour at the mall’s supermarket, but we strolled a little further than that. Even without the twin stroller, these three stole attention from whoever cared and wondered if they were triplets. And yes, I dressed them with three different outfits already.

Anyways, during their first encounter to the mall, Izzara was so full of amazement. Her eyes were wide open observing the new environment. Madynna touched everything she saw. While Brigetta pooped soon after we arrived and spent the rest of the shopping spree by napping in my arms.

We strike a pose at the mall’s photobooth. The snapshots were directly sent to my email! How cool is that?! Omg, Mom really needs to improve her mall knowledge that has gone outdated.


Quit Nibbling The Pillow, Baby!

As the girls developed a curiosity to have a taste of everything and compare whether things they insert into their mouths are better than the real food, plus I never introduce them to pacifier, so pillow and bolster are the two closest and most favorite things to chew.

Anyways, when you visit our place one of these days, chances are you’ll hear some of these common words I’ve been saying to the girls lately.

“There’s a baby right next to you, baby, hold the action!”

“Stop kicking/hitting/scratching your sister’s head/arms/legs!”

“I just changed the sheet, stop crawling with your mouth open, Izzara!”

“Madynna, stop lifting your body. You’re not signed up for any pilates class and please don’t make your tummy lean just yet.”

“Stop hitting your own head, Bridget, and don’t sharpen your claws by scratching on everything you see!”

And many more I can’t name the rest now with the girls are all geared up for a sleep. Everyone is everywhere and on everyone else. And yet mom still manages to update her blog. Chaotic.




Hello, I’m Your Sister

The girls have started to recognize each other’s existences. They’d look at their siblings both fondly or irritatedly during playtime. Bridget would squeeze her sister’s nose whenever they came close by rolling over of course, Izzie likes to hold their hands, Madynna if in the mood, would mutually return the affection gently, otherwise and more often, she’d scream as if saying, “get your dirty soaked and sucked hand off of my head!”

“You shoulder looks so tense, here, let me give you a massage.”

“There’s a thing called deodorant, Izzie, ever heard?”

“Smack down! Smack down!”

Oh by the way, the girls turn 6 months today. Means I only got 6 months left to prepare their first birthday bash and start browsing for cake recipes. Or searching for a bakery to minimize damage.