Hello, I’m Your Sister

The girls have started to recognize each other’s existences. They’d look at their siblings both fondly or irritatedly during playtime. Bridget would squeeze her sister’s nose whenever they came close by rolling over of course, Izzie likes to hold their hands, Madynna if in the mood, would mutually return the affection gently, otherwise and more often, she’d scream as if saying, “get your dirty soaked and sucked hand off of my head!”

“You shoulder looks so tense, here, let me give you a massage.”

“There’s a thing called deodorant, Izzie, ever heard?”

“Smack down! Smack down!”

Oh by the way, the girls turn 6 months today. Means I only got 6 months left to prepare their first birthday bash and start browsing for cake recipes. Or searching for a bakery to minimize damage.


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