Quit Nibbling The Pillow, Baby!

As the girls developed a curiosity to have a taste of everything and compare whether things they insert into their mouths are better than the real food, plus I never introduce them to pacifier, so pillow and bolster are the two closest and most favorite things to chew.

Anyways, when you visit our place one of these days, chances are you’ll hear some of these common words I’ve been saying to the girls lately.

“There’s a baby right next to you, baby, hold the action!”

“Stop kicking/hitting/scratching your sister’s head/arms/legs!”

“I just changed the sheet, stop crawling with your mouth open, Izzara!”

“Madynna, stop lifting your body. You’re not signed up for any pilates class and please don’t make your tummy lean just yet.”

“Stop hitting your own head, Bridget, and don’t sharpen your claws by scratching on everything you see!”

And many more I can’t name the rest now with the girls are all geared up for a sleep. Everyone is everywhere and on everyone else. And yet mom still manages to update her blog. Chaotic.





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