Three Little Handfuls

As the year is ending soon, the girls have been fully occupied with their new favorite activities: Izzie’s attempt to stand on her own feet, Madynna’s pushing bolster to the edge of the bed, and Bridget eating the paper label glued on the baby oil’s bottle.

It’s been chaotic everyday here in our little “playground” in form of bed. Until they doze off, they won’t stop doing whatever that keeps them busy. Sometimes I wonder where these babies get the energy from.

Izzie, caught in the act.

“Heaven is located on mom’s feet. And mine.”

Bridget’s been extremely protective of her newly-grown tooth. She won’t let anyone intentionlly get a glimpse of it.


Crawl, Sit, Stand, Grow a Tooth

The girls have shown passion in reaching a new milestone, crawling and sitting without any help, for a month now. Izzara has been demonstrating a significant improvement each day. She never gets tired of training herself into these two activities. In less than a month, she’s been able to crawl and sometimes jumps a little too, and sit with one hand supporting her body. Plus, trying to stand up leaning against stacks of pillow. Very much energetic, that kid, who also fell off the bed last week. Thank God she was alright. Our second visit to doctor due to the baby falling off after Madynna’s when she was just 2 months old. No more, fingers crossed.



Madynna shows her interest to crawl and sit with a funny “dancing” she performs, sitting on her knees and palms, moving her body front and backwards. Then she suddenly sits with a pillow supporting her back.

Meanwhile, Bridget has been the calmest among all. She prefers using her neck to get wherever she wants rather than to crawl. And she also focuses on growing a tooth so that she can use them to eat more and more.

Her new skill? She can hold a spoon using her itchy gum and slightly grown tooth. No hands from the feeder. Looking pretty much like this.



First Baby Spa

As the girls celebrated their seventh month since arrival, they cherished the day by being a little nostalgic of what they used to do in my womb, swimming. (Imagine three little cuties swimming in my tummy! Two words: Contractions contractions). Anyways, I actually planned the activity earlier, though, but there was just so much going on I kept forgetting it.

We unboxed the awesome gifts from Auntie Ary in a form of a huge swimming tub and three little neck rings. First attempt on pumping the tub went to no success. Hubby took it to the more experienced help and went home with car looking like this.


Madynna was up first for a dip. She cried and complained a lot so we took her off the water. Into the mini pool, there came Izzara and Brigetta. Izzie was completely cool, no expression, slightly startled, but that was it. Meanwhile, Bridget was crying all the half way through. But after two minutes, her tears turned into laughter. She loved it! She laughed and screamed so happily a lot and even rolled in the water like a professional swimmer already.

The girls’ favorite toy!

And shortly after, triplets took a nap effortlessly. Must’ve been exhausting for them swimming like a pro!

Love Ya, Sis!

The girls appear to be enjoying others company a whole lot more now. They sure will kick, squeeze, and hit their sisters with or without any intentions but looking at these pictures, I’m pretty much optimistic they will take care and love each other later when they’re all grown up. Fingers crossed.

The girls’ favorite, giving a head massage. I’ve a very good reason clipping their nails every other day.

“Gimme a hug gimme a hug gimme a hug”

“Wanna know a secret?”
“Wait, Mom’s taking our picture. Look gorgeous!”

“So what’s the secret?”
“I farted on Mom’s face when she was snuggling me. Nyahahaha.”

“Omg, will she ever stop taking pictures of us?”
“Act sleeping! Sleep sleep.”
“Ok but wait until I finish munching on this squirrel stuffed toy. Nom nom nom.”

Snack of The Month: Paper

Thanks to the introduction of various kinds of textures session I held recently with the girls, they’ve quickly shown passion in chewing the paper now. The baby and kids tabloid I bought a few hours earlier was the object of their curiousity, all torn into pieces in no time. If it wasn’t shredded and brutally turned, chances are you’ll find the girls with a mouthful of paper. Speaking of meal ideas.