Love Ya, Sis!

The girls appear to be enjoying others company a whole lot more now. They sure will kick, squeeze, and hit their sisters with or without any intentions but looking at these pictures, I’m pretty much optimistic they will take care and love each other later when they’re all grown up. Fingers crossed.

The girls’ favorite, giving a head massage. I’ve a very good reason clipping their nails every other day.

“Gimme a hug gimme a hug gimme a hug”

“Wanna know a secret?”
“Wait, Mom’s taking our picture. Look gorgeous!”

“So what’s the secret?”
“I farted on Mom’s face when she was snuggling me. Nyahahaha.”

“Omg, will she ever stop taking pictures of us?”
“Act sleeping! Sleep sleep.”
“Ok but wait until I finish munching on this squirrel stuffed toy. Nom nom nom.”


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