First Baby Spa

As the girls celebrated their seventh month since arrival, they cherished the day by being a little nostalgic of what they used to do in my womb, swimming. (Imagine three little cuties swimming in my tummy! Two words: Contractions contractions). Anyways, I actually planned the activity earlier, though, but there was just so much going on I kept forgetting it.

We unboxed the awesome gifts from Auntie Ary in a form of a huge swimming tub and three little neck rings. First attempt on pumping the tub went to no success. Hubby took it to the more experienced help and went home with car looking like this.


Madynna was up first for a dip. She cried and complained a lot so we took her off the water. Into the mini pool, there came Izzara and Brigetta. Izzie was completely cool, no expression, slightly startled, but that was it. Meanwhile, Bridget was crying all the half way through. But after two minutes, her tears turned into laughter. She loved it! She laughed and screamed so happily a lot and even rolled in the water like a professional swimmer already.

The girls’ favorite toy!

And shortly after, triplets took a nap effortlessly. Must’ve been exhausting for them swimming like a pro!


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