How to Steal Your Sibling’s Milk

The girls love to play with each other as much as stealing toys from each other. There are like tons of toys they can play with, scattered or hidden in the tunnel, and yet they tend to opt for whatever toy their sibling’s playing with. Their biggest catch? A plastic bottle of water. A total chaos when they spotted the target. Bridget then nibbling on the lid part, Izzie squeezed the bottom while Madynna peeled off the label and played with it. Victory!

Anywho, here’s a more epic competiton among the girls: getting the milk their sister’s been drinking. What sister?

Bridget appears to be playing good cop, helping her sister drink the milk.

Wait for it…

Wait for it….

Mission accomplished!


The Older The Merrier

The girls turn 8 months today and boy, they’re getting so much more active and unstoppable. Especially after they experienced their first fever and cold just over the weekend. Madynna has been the reigning queen of making diaper changing so challenging. She won’t quit turning, rolling, creeping on the changing table during the process. Guess the changing table is retiring sooner than we expected. She also loves getting the stuff or toy intentionally put away for safety reasons. The girl with two unyeng-unyeng will find any other way to get the particular object she desires. Then abandon it shortly after she gets it and find another hidden stuff.


Maddie is playing with cousin Marshal. She loves to call everyone she sees with “heeh…heeeh” while giving her best smile.

Meanwhile, Izzie has doubled her expertise in trying to stand up. Her legs and feet are getting stronger to reach her favorite object, stickers. She loves peeling off the stickers of her bed for fun. She moves a lot and quick too, so there’s no other way than keeping her and the rest accompanied whenever they’re awake and asleep.


And shortly after her fever the other day, she loudly yelled, “papa mama!” out of nowhere. But that was just that one time. We’ve been on a standby mode for another unexpectable quote.

Izzie enjoys her rusk way better than her own fingers.

Our baby Brigetta has also shown her own potential as well. She has grown another tooth and become extra fussy. She wants to be held all the time and will cry whenever her favorite people leave the room. Must be uncomfy growing teeth like that. And she gets super excited when knowing she ‘s getting carried she will wiggle her legs and move all parts of her body like dancing! So funny.

Bridget gives a head massage.

Bridget’s healing massage. Thinking of using her and the girls as my own spa therapist. Mwahahaha.