Come In And Play

The girls have a new thing to do on their agenda now, play at the indoor playground down the lobby. During the first visit, none of the girls seemed to enjoy their play time. Madynna spent it by sobbing, Izzie just sat still, while Bridget looked confused. There were a few other kids, bigger ones, who made the afternoon merrier since they seem to have peers of their own already. Fascinating how a four-year-old has a five-year-old boyfriend.

A couple of days later, triplets went there again and this time around they almost got it. We had a little picnic there and the food was all gone in no time. I rarely take the girls outside the house during meal time, so I guess it’s alright to feed them while their focus lies on the fitness ball.

And third time’s always the charm. Today, the girls looked comfortable playing, interacting, while grabbing a bite. The spacious wall-to-wall is sure the perfect place for them to learn walking.



One, Two, Three, Nine

The girls turned nine months young today. We celebrated it with a pastry party and loads of binging from the street stalls enjoyed by me, triplets’ grandma and our Mbak. The nanny is currently taking a leave.

Other than laughing out and playing all day long with grandma who’s currently paying us a visit for several days, triplets love to laugh at each other. They’ll quickly gather around anyone who pops up with their fave snacks and there hasn’t been a day without fighting over the same toy.

From the food department, their fave finger food so far includes broccoli, carrot, grated cheese, Cheerios, cheesecake, butter rolls, wholewheat bread, Heinz baby biscuit, and banana cake. Soft tofu also tops the list as well as various fruits and sometimes yogurt if they’re in the mood for that.

The super active girls are fueled up anytime anywhere even on their bed. My bad. Promise I won’t feed them snacks on the bed again.

Here’s what happened when Mom brought cheesecake to the playground.

Main course is still very much smooth to make it easy for the girls to digest the protein.

Anything but rice. However, I still manage to serve rice at least twice a week so I won’t get questioned much by others.

With everyone very much responsive to music, my singing talent is well challenged. Bridget will move her hands and basically any parts of her entire body whenever she hears us sing, Madynna will produce a funny-looking “ooooooh” with her mouth as if she’s singing along, while Izzie will bend her legs up and down when she’s all standing up and listening to rhymes. The most talkative by far? Izzie and Bridget. “Papapapapa”, “mamamama”, “gapapa”, “ngiik”, “mama baung” are among the words babbled.

Fake Hello Kitty Ride

I promise, this would be the first and last (well hopefully) for me to impulsively buy a less educated toy in a form of Hello Kitty ride thingy. I actually just wanted to see how the girls reacted to the giant stuff. And it’s purple. I mean, a purple Hello Kitty. Totally counterfeited.

So Madynna was up first. She has always been friendly to anyone, including a counterfeited purple Hello Kitty. She smiled with eyes full of amazement as if greeted the kitty a hello. She enjoyed every moment of it.



Hey it actually encourages babies to stand up! Now forget what I said about less educated part. It helps stimulate despite the color.

Next, Izzie who just woke up, joined the test drive and she still seemed pretty lost of whatever going on in the world.


The next day, she killed it!

Finally, Bridget oh Bridget.

At first, she liked it alright. But not long after this, she refused to go near the thing. Would hide her face somewhere and yet still checking out her new toy. So hilarious. But that didn’t last long. ‘Cause the next day, I slowly showed her how comfortable her sisters playing with it.

Good news! She loves how it tastes!

And now the fake Hello Kitty, and purple, sits in the middle of our beds nicely. The tunnel mat has been relocated due to the size that doesn’t really fit to girls to play under it anymore.