Come In And Play

The girls have a new thing to do on their agenda now, play at the indoor playground down the lobby. During the first visit, none of the girls seemed to enjoy their play time. Madynna spent it by sobbing, Izzie just sat still, while Bridget looked confused. There were a few other kids, bigger ones, who made the afternoon merrier since they seem to have peers of their own already. Fascinating how a four-year-old has a five-year-old boyfriend.

A couple of days later, triplets went there again and this time around they almost got it. We had a little picnic there and the food was all gone in no time. I rarely take the girls outside the house during meal time, so I guess it’s alright to feed them while their focus lies on the fitness ball.

And third time’s always the charm. Today, the girls looked comfortable playing, interacting, while grabbing a bite. The spacious wall-to-wall is sure the perfect place for them to learn walking.



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