Tenth and Teeth

Bridget has two teeth and in the process of growing another one, Izzie also got two, Madynna has none yet. And they turned 10 months young today. Just a couple more months to go before their first year on earth marked. Can’t wait to say, time flies!

In the meantime, the milestones reached by the girls turn ten months include more interactive and social skills developed. They know their names and will turn their heads when hearing someone calls. They enjoy much more each others’ companionship. Izzie gets giddy when her sisters wake up and welcome the sleepyheads with her biggest laugh. Her latest achievement is to stand up in an unbuckled high chair as well as stroller. Adding more drama to meal and play times.

Noise wise, when one’s making sounds, the others will mos def respond by making more sounds. Madynna has been the loudest among all. Her first and most favorite word by far: mama mama. She mama-mama for everything. Even when she’s asleep, she’d babble the word. She also likes hitting her sisters’ head with toys, without any purpose to harm them, I’m sure. And she’s intrigued to find out what’s gonna happen if she pulls one’s mouth.

Bridget has been all about grabbing anything her sisters holding. She’s the queen of grabbing stuff. She’s still uncomfortable with swings and the water in swimming pool.








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