Babies’ Day Out: Seaworld!

Since the girls eat fig almost everyday, time to show the origin of their fave food. We spent the whole day at Seaworld today. Lots of fun! Nobody cried, nobody whined to leave the place nor swim with the fish in the giant aquariums. Everyone seemed to be amazed of the various types and sizes and was pretty comfortable with the dimmed lighting.

Izzie was the one who had the gut to play with the turtle. She learned how I gently stroke the reptile and she followed the action like a real expert. Her grandpa must be so proud of her and smiled down on on her from heaven. He loved to teach his grandsons how to caress animals. However, Madynna and Brigedt looked doubtful when I encouraged them to do the same.


20140330-054443.jpg Izzie paid full attention when shown fish swimming just like her in the water


Two besties: Bridget and Kakek are having a good time under the aquarium tunnel.




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