First Bali Trip

Oh yeah, the girls finally experienced their very first flight through our trip to Bali. My mom tagged along instead of our babysitter, so there was enough adult for every infant.

Day One

The girls have all woken up by 4.30. Had quick snack before we spongebathed them. As the taxi picked up at 5.30, we left at 5.40 to the airport. With all the things squeezed in to a single luggage and included in the baggage, we brought along two small strollers to the cabin. After checking in, there was still time to grab some bites, the girls had fried noodles.


Our plane departed at 8.30am.


Triplets quickly attracted attention from the security guards, and everyone as usual. Luckily, I got my Mom who’s always eager to answer all the frequently asked questions by the strangers.

During the flight, Izzie and Bridget managed to take a nap after playing with their favorite toys and spoons. Meanwhile, Madynna found a bit difficult to close her eyes, perhaps too excited, so we did a lot of selfies. That’s right, she’s a big sucker for selfies.

We arrived at 11.30 in Bali. Lunch time already and I stole some time to feed the girls while waiting for the airport pickup from the hotel. I brought instant bottled baby food which turned out not so much a success for the girls to dig in.


Bridget had Gerber’s mac and cheese for lunch, Izzie polished off a bottle of Gerber chicken and potato, while Madynna still took a nap on her stroller. Later she had Raffety’s Garden’s brocolli, apple and spinach while waiting for our room made up at the kids club.


The girls played at the kids club.


Triplets felt comfortable instantly with their room. There was even a cot provided by the hotel for them to play in. Bridget took a quick nap, while the other two played with their grandma.

At around 4pm, we were off to the beach nearby. I loved the hotel we stayed in. It’s in the wrong side of Kuta, people say. Away from the Kuta’s madness, but close to the quiet, almost private beach. We took a stroll at the beach as the girls enjoyed the breeze and fell asleep. We could see the airport’s runway by the end of the beach. And there was grandpa’s airplane all set to take off when we were there. I knew my dad is always around us even after he’s gone.



We went back to the hotel by 5.30pm and the troops were taking a bath while I spent the most of my evening cleaning the bottle and their feeding utensils, washing our clothes and putting the girls to sleep at around 8.

Day Two
We woke up at 5.30 after almost an uninterrupted night except for milk a couple of times. Headed to hotel’s cafe for breakfast at 6.30, the girls didn’t seem to enjoy the buffet selection that much. Maddie had only a bit of the chicken porridge, Bridget even had fewer, while Izzie spent most of her breakfast time staring at the aquarium, refusing most of the food I fed. To my surprise, Maddie also loves dried fruits that I nibbled all the time, especially prunes. And she had plenty of yogurt. And and a couple bites of waffle and donut. Well, that’s not too bad actually since she’s intrigued to taste any food we eat although in small portions.

Done with the sort-of brekkie, we took off at 9 to explore Bali. The tour guide was totally ambitious to show us the beauty of the island. On the other hand, I had no target set whatsoever. We were all only intended to give a different atmosphere to the girls who most likely haven’t understood exactly places they’ve been. To me, traveling with babies or toddlers is not about taking them to as many historical buildings or the city’s sightseeings as possible, but it’s more of a stimulation for their social skills, most of all. How they adapt to the new environment, places and people. Changes in all those stuff may not be comfortable for the young children. Therefore, adequate and frequent trainings are a must. I’m all hell bent raising strong and confident kids so here’s one of the efforts.

Anyways, we’re headed to Ubud as our first destination. Nothing much to see there except we stopped by a restaurant by the paddy fields for kids’ lunch. The menu didn’t seem suitable for the kids and us so I fed the girls with instant food again. With a huge help from the fresh juice we ordered, the girls didn’t find any hurdles to polish off the bottles in no time.





Soon as we finished, Tanah Lot was on our next destination. However, we surrendered to the almost extreme heat of the island. Maddie constantly complained she yelled and babbled all through the journey, with her very own vocabularies, for sure. Both Maddie and Izzie had problem with the weather they found it hard to nap after lunch. Bridget who sat at the front with my hubby, dozed off peacefully until she coughed a little and threw up a lot. There. With puke all over hubby and Bridget’s clothes, he decided to return to the hotel. We managed for a few stops to buy souvenirs at Krisna, coffee in the heart of Kuta, and super quick snapshots at Kuta beach and Ground Zero. Before we knew it, the clock has hit 6pm. Wow. So we went back to the hotel, back to the cleaning the bottles, bath and bed times. Everyone hit the sack by 8.30pm.



The girls managed to caress and comfort their sisters anytime anywhere.

Day Three
We got up when the sun was already high at 6.30am. Everyone slept elegantly with a quick milk at 3am for the girls. Nothing much to do today as we were flying back home at 6pm. Our initial schedule was supposed to be at 1pm. But the airline moved the takeoff time to 6pm. Not much of a fan of evening flights, let alone with toddlers. So we decided to do almost nothing but having breakfast, letting the girls take a long nap afterwards, feeding them soon as they’re awake at noon, playing a little then left the hotel.

Meal time! Here’s the lovely view from our hotel room.

Too bad, we didn’t have enough time to dip in the water. It rained in the morning and triplets went straight to bed after breakfast.

Arrived at the airport waaay to early even before the check-in counter was open. Kids found a spacious playground they’re free to run around.

The girls quickly drew attention from the security, janitor, and other guests. The security took pictures together with the triplets while offering hot water for the thermos. Super kind.

Nap time anywhere, real adventurers’ style. Flight back home was pretty rough for the girls. Izzie cried at the first few minutes that caused her throwing up and the tears resumed to fall nearing landing time during bad weather. Maddie also seemed uncomfortable. We put on Gangnam Style alot during the flight to calm the girls. Bridget on the other hand didn’t have much problem. She even managed to smile a lot to the flight attendants who kept coming to our seats and asked about the triplets. Sitting at the back, we were probably the loudest, liveliest and most crowded. Sorry is the word you’ll say frequently when traveling with kids.

Bye Bali, we had a great time. We’ll see you next time!


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