Walk, Don’t Run!

It’s probably the most common thing to say nowadays as the girls have officially started to walk. Bridget pioneered the action even before she turned 12 months but still held all the courage to walk on the ground up until sister Maddie confidently made her few steps without any help at 13 months and 1 week. Maddie has been restless and totally reckless with her new found skill. She was the first to explore the whole rooms in our home
and her fave spots should be anything with drawers to open and “steal” some stuff from.

Izzie came out to be the last but not least in terms of walking. She reached the milestone by 13 months and 2 weeks young after watching her sisters walking running around the house with those oh-when-is-it-my-turn-I-wanna-play-hide-and-seek-with-my-sisters-too eyes. Thankfully, it didn’t last long as she joined the walking toddlers only a week later.

Other than that, the girls have understood when I gave them simple orders. Such as, put the blue ball in the basket or unload all the items off the shopping basket. Maddie shows interest in finishing a word given by saying “aaah…”. So I’ve been collecting as many words ended with the vowel she’s currently into. She also likes doing cilukba, local version of peekaboo, by saying “baaa” everytime she hears anyone says “ciluk”. Bridget and Izzie have found passion in putting on socks, shoes and hair bands whenever they find the things around. They’ll ask for help so they can get the stuff put on. Also, all of them are able to recognize the toys they often play with, such as the Hello Kitty pillow, yellow elephant, green frog, and soft books. When asked to bring any of the things, they’ll get and give it to me.





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