The Moody Eaters

Here comes the phase when meal time requires the most energy you have in a day. Sometimes these toddlers are eager to have soft-textured food while most of the time they’re binging on crunchy, crispy edibles. Other times they will opt for fried rice and chicken nugget only to refuse to munch the next day when offered almost the same stuff. And when these little mouths decide to shut tight or throw everything out, you’ll be left baffled where such energy comes from and how they may strive to secure their milestones. As a relatively new mother, I seek for every possibility to get my moody eaters back on track. To name a few, choosing the kind of vitamin to boost appetite, decorating their plates in Mickey Mouse shape, creating a camouflage of their main courses with fresh fruits and ice cream, and the last effort that is so against my ideal meal time when your kids should be sitting nicely together with the other family members- is that feeding the picky eaters in front of the refridge or anywhere else that may contribute in distracting their focus on food. Not something I swear by, but it helped at first when kids haven’t developed unique and unpredictable taste buds. ‘Cause when they have, well, enjoy the ride.





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