Toddler Chasing

Has been what I’m beginning to be so expert at. Meanwhile, triplet girls just added “opening and closing the refridge door excellently” ability to their resume. If you stop by my home one of these days, you’ll find our dining chairs have been moved to wherever needs a hideout from those creative little hands. One important tip before renovating or making a kitchen set while you’re planning for a family, please do have them with locks. There are just too many doors of opportunities to take out everything of my kitchen. Their most favorite items, well, anything. Although Izzie has grown passion in carrying around any vegetable she’s about to eat for the day when she’s around me preparing her meals. Potato, carrot, tomato, you name it, she’ll keep it with her life. Bridget is the queen of grabbing anything her sisters carrying, so she’ll end up with anything. Her favorite, cups and spoons. While Maddie, she’s not that into bringing things longer than 5 minutes. If she’s around the kitchen and I’m there, she’ll grab my pants/skirt and hold on to it till she finds any other thing that attracts her. I honestly enjoy the feeling of being needed to comfort. I love it when she pulls my dress only to get carried. Or when Bridget pulls out her hands pleading me to carry her. Or when Izzie cries on her knees while pulling out her arms. As much as I want them to be independent and strong, they’re still and forever my babies.

Anyways, the toddler chasing activity doesn’t stop at home. What we deal with outside is just twice tiring.

The park has been the girls’ fave place to hang out and wander around.

Malls could be both entertaining or devastating for us. Our last lunch at a mall ended up terribly as Maddie was too cranky. Turned out she just wanted to run around. When she finally did, she was the happiest and left us all the exhaustion. It’s always fun though, chasing these energetics around, especially when you keep making excuses to hit the gym to really work out, or at least back to the yoga mat instead of online shopping when the kids have been put to sleep.


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