First Few (Real) Words

Triplets have started to sound like real human beings talking real language now, two-three syllables tops at this point. Madynna is the chatty of all. She knows when to put the missing words when she hears Burung Kakaktua song. She’s now an expert at saying “kakak”, “nenek”, “gigi” and just recently added to her word collection: “tua” and “dua”. Other than that, she’d still call me “Mommey” and address her dad as , well, “Dad”.

Meanwhile, Bridget sounds a bit more different when saying “kakak”, she sounds like “dadek”, as for Izzie, she hasn’t replied much when asked to pronunce some words. She’d rather say something out of nowhere, like “apa tuh” or “mbek” when we taught her the sound of a goat. But that’s just one time. When asked to repeat, she’ll say nothing.

They’ve been training their communication skill among themselves by chatting to each other in only God knows language. It’s exceptionally funny to see how the conversation goes which often involves a lot of hand, head, overall body gestures for whatever they mean. I so can’t wait to witness what’s gonna happen when all of them are able to speak the language fluently. Extra blissful, I bet.


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