Fun Weekend Idea, IKEA

As most little girls love to
play house, I knew the girls would dig the idea of running around a giant, spacious place with lots of themed living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and dining areas. So we took off after a quick lunch, literally, since they were swimming earlier in the morning so everyone was basically hungry and polished off everything in no time, and headed south to Alam Sutera where the Swedish home furnishing store is located. I’m not much of a fan going to a recently opened place where people are still very much enthusiastically up to, but I was convinced, with the power of The Secret (wait, shouldn’t it be like, The Almighty?), we could get a nice parking spot without having to hop on a shuttle bus from Mall Alam Sutera like many have suggested. And we were lucky getting it extremely fast.

Soon as we stepped inside, as predicted, the girls only needed a few minutes to get familiar with the crowd and new place before ending up running and reaching any stuffed toys around. When they saw another piles of stuffed animals, they’d leave the one they had been carrying and get the new one, that after having a conversation with the furry toys. They love animals and always want to caress them, so I could imagine how festive their mind that time.


“Hello Panda! We come to the rescue!”


“Such rad rats! I wonder if Mom would scream if she saw these nyahahaha…”

The store should get a tagline that says something like, Home Sweet Home, or Home Is Where The Heart is (?) since the triplet girls seemed to be as comfortable as they were at home they wouldn’t mind lying around the sofas and beds. All I could think of, a super extensive shower time for them
soon as we’re home later.

“Hey watcha doin’?”
“Nothin’, just chillin’.”


“I reckon we should bring this sofa home.”

“Like, seriously.”

Ok a quick family picture first just to picture how this sofa fits in our living room.

We were just like one of those who came from a village where there’s no IKEA.

Just as we thought the girls would beg us to buy the sofa, their attention shifted to this awesome bunkbed ensemble and instantly settled down. Maddie event deliberately took off her shoes like she always does at a playground.


I can guarantee this is the ultimate spot where kids spend most of their time during their visit here. Their nanny even created a masterplan of getting rid of the no-longer used baby cot to make some space for this thing.

Testing a rocking chair with some rockin’ girlfriends 😘😘😘

We took a meatball break to feed the hungry nanny while caffeine intake was in the need for the rest of the adults. And here’s how we ended up with.

“Whoopsie, that’s my little hand grabbing the broccoli.”

“Mission accomplished! Broccoli in my mouth! Nom nom nom…”

“And in mine too! Yippieee!”

After three hours of wandering the tremendous place, the girls finally surrenderred to the shopping trolly.

And dressing them in the same outfits just added extra questions from extra strangers who most probably didn’t wash their hands before touching my girls’ faces. Extra time during shower, indeed.

Oh in case you wonder if we brought home the sofa or bunk bed, not really. The working table I was eyeing for was out of stock so we were down to dining plates and cups for the girls only. They even put back all the stuffed toys that have accompanied along their visit as we told them so. Not even the rad rats, which I trully regret. That sure is on my list next time.