Level of Addiction: 5

If you stop by our place, you’ll most probably be entertained by Wheels on The Bus version 1, 2, 3 or Three Little Kittens while three little triplets hovering near the TV. They have been addicted to those nursery rhymes and will always demand anyone to play or sing the songs anytime they feel like it. When I got bored and search for other songs, they won’t protest against it but I cannot stand on the graphics that hurt our eyes.

During bed times, the girls would ask me to sing their favorite songs. “Agu…aguu (they meant lagu or song),” they requested. Maddie invented the word. Followed by Izzie. While Bridget has not popped the word yet but she would yell if she disapproved the song I sang.

Maddie has been the most talkative by far. She’d simply repeat everything she heard. When she was coughing and I asked, “Madynna, what are you doing?” “Batuk (coughing),” she replied. Loud and clear.

They have different ways in telling what they want as well. For example, they want milk. Maddie would say, “Minummaaaaa”, while Izzie says something like, “Num nummm..” Although recently she copied her sister in saying “Minummmaa” as well. Whilst Bridget would declare her thirst by saying, “Mimik! Mimik!”

Having been listening to both Indonesian and English songs, although I strongly encourage them to learn their mother tounge first to avoid confusion, they come up with bilingual intrepertations at the end. When shown a flashcard of a fish picture by their grandma, all of them said “fish!”, instead of ikan. But when I mentioned elephant, Maddie would say, “gajah” which literally elephant in Indonesian. Now I confuse myself. However, she doesn’t seem to be that talkative when meeting anyone else. She’d sink her head into my arms like an ostritch and say no words or worst yet, cry all the way. We’ve been working on this attitude she has just shown recently. Usually it takes time for her to adjust to her new environment, but most of the time, she’ll feel comfortable as they’re gone. Or when she does her first approach to that person instead of otherwise.

Izzie is almost as chatty as Maddie. She’s a true copier and loves doing and saying whatever her sisters are up to. She’d cry for no reasons just because she saw her sisters cry and often she cries even harder that her sisters give up the act and leave the floor to Izzie.

Meanwhile, Bridget still mumbles a lot. But she has a really good photographic memory. She remembers exactly the part of a song where the balloons are released even without watching the video and she’d go, “Aauuuuh…” while lifting her hands up, the kind of gesture the girls do when something flies. Bridget has been the most attentive and caring of all. She listens to orders and is willing to do them. While her other sisters are pretending to be busy at something when asked to clean up their toys, Bridget is the one who puts all the toys in one place or inserts them to a bag. When she sees one of her sisters cries or is sad, she gives her stuffed toy to comfort her sibling. She even helps me or her nanny who’s in trouble getting something back from one of her sisters. Using her own way. Which includes biting. Oh yeah, Bridget bites a lot.







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