8 Days, 3 Cities and 3 Toddlers- Part 1

Triplets just had their first experience traveling abroad and got their passport stamped for the first time. We chose Kuala Lumpur as we don’t normally get too much trouble there compared to any others we visited, food, weather and people wise, it’s pretty much similar like Jakarta.

Day 1

We took our morning flight, getting the girls all awake by 4am. Sponged bathed them while handing them their favorite cheese cookies I managed to bake a few days earlier. By 4.30, my parents in law- our fellow travelers- came and a couple of luggage, 2 baby strollers and a plastic of snacks were all set in our taxi half an hour later.

Done with all the immigration process, we still got an hour to kill at the airport lounge. The girls haven’t stopped munching and this time they ate noodles and pastries. Izzie had been a bit difficult to feed then, I had to look around the airport only to find melon juice so she could easily eat with her food. Lucky I got it at Rasa Indonesia Resto, just across the lounge.





Our plane departed on time, during the flight only Izzie who was the one to sleep soundly. Bridget took a flight attendant to help me carry sleeping Izzie so that I could sooth Bridget who was too sleepy but wasn’t really familiar with the environment. She was finally put to sleep and everyone but me landed fresh faced.


Landed safe and sound.




It was nearing lunch when we finished the whole immigration and baggage claim process, and the first thing we did was headed to Burger King. Izzie and Madynna stuffed themselves with fries, while Bridget had a little nostalgia with bottled baby food we got from the plane. I actually brought a few bottles too, just in case. As predicted, nobody seemed to find it more interesting to dig in than french fries.

We left the airport at around 1 and took quite a long journey to reach Bukit Bintang area.

Soon as we got our two-room family room by 3pm, the girls went ballistic to find out they’re actually “neighbors” with their grandparents. They ran back and forth and explored everything in the living room, pantries, bathrooms and closets. I left them do whatever they wanted as I unpacked our stuff and off to the bathroom I went to clean up the bottles. I strolled down the neighborhood a bit and found a nasi lemak hut at the corner. Did a quick groceries and dinner in should be ready. We called it a day by 7pm as the girls were finally worn off.

Day 2

Our main mission was to only strike a pose at the front of the iconic Twin Towers, just like any other mainstream tourists. We reached the landmark at around 11 after the hotel shuttle dropped us there. The girls looked very much comfortable with the new environment already and all they wanted to do was take a dip in the fountain areas just in front the towers. There was also a big pond at where they were patiently waited for fish to show up.





Finally, a typical Twin Towers photo has been produced.



We then went inside the Suria Mall to grab lunch. Madynna and Izzie fell asleep, and we didn’t bring our strollers due to the hotel regulation when taking its shuttle. Lesson learned. Never again will we take the shuttle, taxi is as convenient and the distance isn’t that significant as our hotel is located at the heart of the city. So we didn’t spend much time there, let alone our second mission, Petrosains Museum, happens to close on Monday. As much as I did research beforehand, there’s always one or a couple things missed. So we decided to return the next day to the museum at the mall. And we went to Sungei Wang afterwards.

To my surprise, Sungei Wang has lost its charm. Or maybe I have lost interest to shop with three energetic kids. I just made one stop for souvenirs and that was all. Nobody else in in our group spent their money there. “We’ve lost customers. Everyone’s not eager to travel to Malaysia, following the missing of MH and the recent Air Asia’s crash, “said one of the shopkeepers.

The girls had some snack while I was shopping. They were busy sitting and climbing the bench they didn’t complain for waiting at all.

We went back to the hotel, had dinner and the girls slept a little late by 8pm since they were still really excited with the fact they had their grandparents were just next door.

Day 3

We left the hotel slightly before 10 to experience the highly recommended Petrosains Museum at Suria KLCC. Just in time as the mall opened, we let ourselves in to the museum. All the girls got a free access as they’re below 3, while my inlaws were entitled a senior discount and me and hubby paid full fare.

During the first few rides and rooms, the girls didn’t show any interest yet. They remained seated on their strollers while pretending to drink their milk.

There were a few exhibition rooms they’re not too fond of. Or my guess, they were just trying to adjust to the new environment again.

All credits to this truck. The girls were suddenly moved to climb and hopped on it. “Tuck! Tuck,” said the girls, means truck.

The girls have all warmed up and they seemed really eager to explore the rest of it now.




We spent most of the time within this area. Very toddler friendly and fast free wifi connection. A happy day for everyone.





These are several of the spots the girls were crazy about. For kids at their age, they might not learn about the science and all, but I could recommend the place to stimulate toddlers’ motoric skills and simply a vast playground where they could run around any way they’d like to.

We took a shortcut since it was past lunch time already. It takes you around 3 hours to finish all the rides and visit different exhibitions, trust me, the front door looks really deceiving of how tremendous the whole area actually is.

I bought a donut and a fudgy chocolate cake at its cafe on our way out. Triplets’s appetite has been ruined as always when on holiday like this. They had fewer food and milk, thus, I’m making sure their intake by stuffing themselves with any high-calorie food such as cake, donut and ice cream. Come to think how much energy they burn through their activities, I may not be the best mother in the world for giving my kids sweet nibbles, but on my defense, they’re on holiday and most of all, in the need of calories to support their extra activities. Anyways, we have cheat food every once in a while so why can’t kids?

Anyways, as the day progressed, we managed to stop by Dataran Merdeka to take pictures of the country’s landmark.






The sun was excruciatingly cruel and yet the little girls were ecstatic with the scenery. They loved every inch of the sunburnt field.

When we’re at the hotel lobby, it was almost 5 and time to call it a day. I sneaked myself out and finally got to experience Kuala Lumpur at night only a few minutes to 10pm. Was strolling till as far as Pavilion before me and hubby decided to return to the hotel. Still got so many works to be done since I brought all my work with me and we haven’t done packing for tomorrow’s flight. Really, when you’re traveling with kids, all you can think of is their wellbeing you forget what other things you may want. Well that’s pretty much what I have on mind everyday, though. Other than that, the shopping malls were really similar like what we have back home, ours are even grander and a plenty.

I finished working and packing by 2.30, right before the girls’ milk time at 3am during their sleep. Waking up at 4 to catch our 10am flight, I honestly had no chance to feel exhausted nor sleepy at all. The girls always have their way in keeping me alert, amused and amazed.

Day 4
We checked out the hotel at 7am after an unsucsessful breakfast dealing with tightly sealed mouths. Our next destination was Pekanbaru and luckily this time, we didn’t have to travel that long to reach the Subang Airport, unlike the KLIA one we arrived at earlier. I went to Starbucks and bought a donut and cheesecake for breakfast at the lounge which turned out really well. Madynna and Izzie loved the donut while Bridget almost polished off the cheesecake. However, the airport doesn’t seem too convinient. It’s like lower than low cost airport where the airplanes park only 5 meters away from the lounge. It was booked as Malaysia Airlines but somehow they changed it into Firefly, the airline under MH, that never failed to surprise us. I took it as another experience to our travel story.

We landed in Pekanbaru at around 12 and were picked up by my brother in law to then continue the journey all the way to Duri, which takes 3 hours by car. We stopped for a quick lunch and diapers change. The broken roads were really challenging for our girls, especially Izzie who suddenly felt sick. A couple of hours later, everyone was relieved when we reached his home. The triplet girls were happy to see their cousins again and only took a moment before they mingled comfortably. The girls loved the house, toys and most of all, the bed arrangements they kept jumping on them up and down.


To be continued.