8 Days, 3 Cities and 3 Toddlers – Part 2 (end)

I swear I’ve posted this story last week but somehow WordPress put it back on draft and I couldn’t seem to update it. So here’s a repost of the supposedly posted …post.

Day 5
The girls got up really late this morning and we all spent a quality day taking it down a notch after quite busy days in KL. I took sometime exploring the supermarket nearby for groceries, milk and diapers and donuts. Madynna was specifically into donuts and during traveling like this, I didn’t really count on standard nutritious selections, it’s more of anything that opened the mouth voluntarily wide. In case you wonder, the biggest challenge in raising my trips right now is during meal time. I think it’s common for toddlers to be unpredictable but when you have three mouths to feed at a close time, that might be a problem.

Anyways, went home just before lunch time to three already energetic girls playing with their cousins, toys were scattered all around the house. After lunch, they all took a nap only to wake up a couple of hours later.

We strolled down the neighborhood in the afternoon and the girls were really up for it, especially there are playgrounds in almost every corner of the housing complex. So they took of a couple of hours playing in a couple of playgrounds. Totally fun to watch these engines running here and there unstoppably.


Bridget practices yoga anytime anywhere.


Day 6
Continuing our lazy days in hot and dry Duri, we stayed in most of the day. Took a quick tour to the fire department and checked out the gigantic fire trucks.

Later in the evening, the girls spent quality time with their cousins on our last night in Duri.


Day 7
We left Duri after breakfast at around 10, headed back to Pekanbaru to spend a night there before catching our flight back to Jakarta the day after. This time the trip back to Pekanbaru was soo much better. The girls spent it by dozing off. Perfect for the nasty road. Soon as we arrived and a quick lunch in the city, we visited a few from the many relatives living in Pekanbaru. Good thing the girls seemed to be comfortable meeting new people and places, they didn’t cry a bit, instead, were always busy binging on whatever served like oranges and plenty and plenty of oranges. These fruit monsters remind me so much of myself. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Bridget enjoyed the Padangnese lunch.

Izzie loved the flowers decoration at one of our relatives’ home who’s a bridal makeup artist.

Checking into the hotel, waiting the room ready in so much style, this kid. Actually this was the calmest move they made at the lobby.

Hitting the hay early.

Day 8
Time to pack up and go home today. We checked out right after breakfast. I brought lots and lots of breads, donuts, even managed to buy fries at the airport since the flight was just right on lunch time. I doubted if they wouldn’t fall asleep and passed lunch, and it was true-, lucky they didn’t stop munching on whatever they liked. When meal served during the flight, Izzie and Bridget almost polished off the rice only, since fish was a bit spicy. While Maddie took a nap soon as we took off.


Flight was enjoyable, we arrived on time and nobody cried. Nobody got ill. It was a pleasant holiday, indeed. Everyone had a lot of fun especially the girls, they seemed really happy and we all sure can’t wait for the next adventure!


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