Always Be My Babies

The girls are turning two very soon, too soon than I thought. We’re moving in a high pace and before I know it, they grow too fast. Kids grow too fast.

But to me, they’re always babies. I see that same look when Bridget glanced at me for the first time when I tearily saw her at NICU, with her funny eyes while making cute sounds, looking real happy seeing her mother for the very firs time after 24 hours being born. The kind of look she shows now when I cuddle her siblings while she’s doing something else.

Or Izzie who was so tiny and soundless in the NICU’s incubator, the little fingers I touched while whispering her prayers or songs and then she responded calmly, very much like she’s developed into now, a cool kid.

And Maddie who escaped from NICU after a short observation and rocked the nursery room with her voice you could clearly heard all through the hallway and three rooms away. We knew it already she’d be the loudest of all, in command and likes to show her authority as the first one to be born.

I remember my dad used to say that birthday is all about your mother. Always think of your mother on your birthday. As a mother, the moment I gave birth to my triplets, the details, the joy and fear, everything I will forever remember. How I was surprised at the OR with the fact that all my babies turned out to be girls, when the anaesthetist turned on the Mother How Are You Today song to my ear when Maddie was out, how rushing the nurses taking Bridget and Izzie to NICU shortly after birth (I saw from the video), how my dad looked at me worriedly when I saw him by my side when I woke up still under the influence, and how the nurse snapped at me when I turned out asked her a billion times how my babies were doing. Those moments were like pinned down in my memory forever.

And almost two years later, these babies already could sing in English, Indonesian and a bit Javanese. Do simple tasks and always say, “sendiri,” when I put on their pants or clothes, means they want to do it on their own. Put on their shoes although sometimes right shoes goes to left foot and the other way around. Give order specifically and consistently by habit. Take order and sometimes delegate the order to their stuffed toys. “Madynna, could you please sing Topi Saya Bundar again?” Then she’d turn to her cow toy and say, “Cow, sing Topi Saya Bundar!”

And the funnest part of all, they seem to enjoy having friends at the same age with whom always sleep, eat, play, swim, shop, take shower together. They’ve begun to miss if someone’s absent from an activity. When Izzie was still asleep and I was about to take Bridget and Maddie outside for our morning walk, Bridget would climb back to the bed and called, “Izzie, Izzie wake up. We’re going.” Or when Izzie was still having breakfast while the two were all set to take a dip in the pool wearing their swimsuits, Bridget would ask Izzie to quickly finish her meal and bring her swimsuit to the dining room so Izzie could wear it now. Or when we all lay down before bed time and Izzie was just hidden under my arm, Maddie would ask where Izzie was as she couldn’t see her.

They bite, pull hair, hit, slap as much as they hug and kiss their siblings. And it all happens too fast and now they’re turning two. Aside from all the sentimental things, the big TWO means no more infant category while booking a flight. Means no more paying for 10% only.

And these are the latest images of the girls when still infants!




















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