No Longer Infants, Officially

The girls turned two last week. I know, right? Suddenly they’re no longer babies and I think the difference is pretty much obvious. Many more milestones reached that surprise me every time. They’re beginning to know what they want and like and won’t hesitate to show it. They remember
things by associating pictures in their mind. It’s like, during a video call with grandma, my mom has minimum lighting so the girls say “gilap (gelap:dark). Enma gilap.” Or how my mom loves to shower the girls with presents, so when I say that grandma is going to visit us, they’ll say, gilap gilap or kado (present). And fish, all the things associated to my mom.

Last night we sang their favorite ABC phonics song, A a Apple, B b Bus, C c cow, D d….Bridget seemed to forget and she said “bebek”, instead of duck, which means bebek in Indonesian.

Other than that, they just talk more, sing more and scream more now.
Here’s a collection of our simple celebration on triplets’ birthday.









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