Just one day prior to their birthday, Izzie got sick. She threw up frequently all day. On the evening of their birthday, soon as I arrived from taking Izzie to doctor for the second time, Maddie and Bridget showed the same symptoms, only worse. They vomited and pooped all through the night we ran out of clean clothes and bed sheets. At midnight, we took them both to ER but things didn’t improve, all three got even worse as the day fell. At around 9 in the morning, I gathered all their stuff and got them all to hospital, leaving too many dirty laundry and floor full of vomit to our day maid. I couldn’t think of anything else but getting these poor babies an IV immediately before they got dehydrated due to severe diarrhea and vomiting.

Maddie and Bridget seemed to start losing liquid they didn’t fight much when the needles got through, while Izzie still showed lots of strength fighting against the nurses. I held them all close in turns, probably worst experience I had with my girls to see them in pain. How I wish I could trade places with them.

Good news was Izzie was released after spending a night in hospital bed. While the rest were still in doctor’s observation since there was pretty much gas loaded up their stomaches. The next day we all went home and the girls didn’t bother to be carried as they all ran through the hall expressing freedom after a couple of nights stay in a cold hospital room.

I felt terrible for causing them the pain. Doctor said it could be because of many things, but the gastritis was most likely caused by accumulative intake of gas-producing food, such as melons and chocolate. The nurse said most of the kids hospitalized there after loads of chocolate they ate. Sad to see that broccoli might have also contributed. Well a change in meal plan is what I’ve been figuring out everyday now. My girls love fruits as much as I do and it’s even painful for me to store away watermelon and honeydew from our fridge for their health’s sake for now. Moderation in portion also counts so it’s not that I won’t give them their fave food anymore, not in the near future, but next time I’ll know when to stop.




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