While others were singing along with Boyzone, I and my girls were having a Girlzone moment. Us, lying side by side on our bed, singing various nurseries they love, giggling and chatting in broken language. Seriously, I didn’t expect for a pajama party with the girls anytime sooner, but at the age of 2, they all seemed to understand the concept of hanging out with your besties.

They also love to pretend play and they have been busy bathing and washing their siblings’ hair, getting them towel, rubbing telon oil to their body and putting clothes on them. Another fun thing to do during our pj party is guess the color game. They have recognized almost all the basic colors and mention them mostly in English. Bridget at first said everything was yellow when asked what color something was, but now she’s beginning to answer the correct colors. Other than that, they also do all the jumping, stomping, rolling over, and all the crazy thing that have caused two of them falling off the bed, exactly like their heroes on Five Little Monkeys song.




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