Sweet Little Bosses

Turns out I need to put aside my controlfreakness for a while as our three little girls have got their own power to…command!

“Izzie, stop jumping like a monkey, drink your milk, here,” says Maddie.

“Mom, get the chair and my pink bib, sit and start feeding me,” orders Bridget.

“Maddie, finish your milk and go to sleep now…bus bus bus…(singing Wheels on The Bus),” says Izzie.

Perhaps I sound too noisy and give them too many orders, but raising three at a time, you gotta go three extra miles in everything you’ll end up looking like a control freak. But that’s just my defense, I’ve a strong gene for that.

But really, since they hit the big 2, the girls seem to grow real fast. Everyday especially after taking a nap, they come up with a new vocabulary or a couple of new things to show, if not attitude. Probably true they say, kids grow mentally and physically during their afternoon naps, thus, it’s highly advisable to encourage young kids to take a nap for an hour or two.

Speaking of which, the girls still manage to take 12 hours a day. Or, we still manage them to sleep that many hours. You probably have an idea how toddlers would so much rather play than doze off.

However, they don’t drink as much as they used to during the night, an extra bottle in the middle of the night and merely another shot just before they wake up, is all they need now. Perhaps this balances their curiosity in trying out new food whenever offered. They’re pretty explorative in the dining area although there’s no guarantee they will keep down the food instead of spitting it out, still, appreciate their effort.

Please meet my most fave people to hang out with slash most important bosses.













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