All The Little Things

The girls have been so easily amused by all the little things they can get too giddy over the simplest tiniest thing. And guess that doesn’t only happen to toddlers but also when you have them around the house. There are so many unexpectable words, sentences, expressions coming out of their mouths, those you never thought of having taught them to say so or ones that make you think hard where possibly they can get them from. I know, this is probably why I get even slimmer now than before I was pregnant with triplets: I overthink everything (welcome to parenthood, no?)

These are just a few bits I can recall right now.

“You got a real nice home, Mom,” said Izzie shortly after she got back home from playground. Perhaps she found the house clean without any toys scattered everywhere. Yet.

“Mom, move you nose like that again, will you?” asked Maddie, amazed with I can do with my nose. She can create the most words in a sentence by far. Most of the times, she’ll tell (or command) her sisters what to do. “Izzie, you stay here away from the AC, it’s cold there you’ll get ill.” Or “Bridget, sit here next to me.”

“My favorite is Daded,” said Bridget, expressing her love towards her daddy. She’s a true daddy’s girl who’s often pretty annoyingly sticking with her dad, literally, the whole day during weekend or any day off. Giving the girls understanding that they need to share is a never ending project I’m signed up to and hoping to have all the patience to deal with. But hey, isn’t it what parenthood is all about? Patience. Loads of it.



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