Doze Off

Watching my babies sleep…
So precious!
Peaceful and innocent.
It almost seems impossible that these girls always create a mess everyday all over the house.

Chasing them just to get them sit down and eat properly and in return they will tell you to “sit down please”,

Constantly telling them that snacks aren’t allowed before meal times so they can get their hands off the fridge door which seems to be their fav thing to do all day,

Frequently asking them to wait and take turn during shower time although most of the time they enjoy taking it altogether,

Again, chasing them around so they can get dressed after shower wearing outfits they personally choose out of the wardrobe,

And the list continues until it’s time for a good night sleep again. Everyone will invite me to sleep next to them I wish I could split myself into three pieces. After prayers and lullabies, they’re finally put to sleep and I get to enjoy one of the most beautiful things in my life, watching them sleep. And catching up TV series for sure.




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