Food for The Thought

One of the most talked about topics when meeting fellow mothers of toddlers is that how picky and moody their kids are when it comes to meal time. My triplets are no exception. It’s been a long-time battle to get them polished off highly nutritious plate of food. Giving them a platter of biscuits, fruits, veggies and cheese or other source of protein and fat will only worsen situation as they will most probably tend to eat the item they like only. But what if I serve some fried fish dumplings or anything with a crunchy sensation in mouth? They’ll finish it in less than five minutes. What about that chicken porridge at a Chinese restaurant we know just how much MSG they pour in a bowl? All gone in ten minutes. Need I say more about those french fries and crispy fried chicken that junk food resto is offering? I bet kids will find it hard to refuse.

A couple of nights ago, I wasn’t succeeded in getting Bridget eat dinner. She wouldn’t touch anything I served until frustation led me to reach for a glass of instant noodles. Didn’t have time to cook the broth I put a dash of the seasonings into it, add some egg and sausage chunks. The result? You got it, super fast and easy, gone in less than five minutes.

I still haven’t found the formula of preparing delicious food and yet packed with all the nutritions kids need. But hey, who here opts for a glass of whey smoothies rather than a bubble tea? Or a bowl of oatmeal when you see there’s a basket of hamburger with french fries around? Exactly.