Toilet Training: Accomplished #1

Toilet training has been as challenging as serving food to toddlers (and so many other things when it comes to toddlers!), but after toooo many attempts, three kids-friendly toilet seats purchased just because they wanted to and pee-smelling spots around our home, we finally made it! Well, just one out of three but not bad for a starter. Izzie is the queen of doing number two on her Thomas and Friends toilet seat! Thanks to the cheerleaders squad around the bathroom door who clapped for her attempts on the toilet, while snacking avocados. After a successful morning, she seemed to be uncomfortable after waking up from her nap in her diapers. I changed it into her undies and soon she went back to see Percy in the bathroom and did a poo poo. Wow twice in a day!

Bridget was actually the first to get along with her toilet seat collections, hanging around them without producing any pee or another, but it’s okay. Izzie, however, was always the one to say no for any toilet training before and she turned out to be the first to accomplish the challenge.

Maddie still refuses to sit still but I see all of them have started to feel uncomfortable with their diapers. She’s one of the kinds who hold her pee until time for nap when she gets a diaper. Another challenge to overcome with.

However, still psyched with Izzie and her first toilet experience at aged 2y9m. A bit late but hey I handle three at a time (my fav excuse). Yayy so cannot wait to toss those diapers away. Hubby must be very happy if we lose the items off of the weekly groceries!

Update by Feb 23, 2016: Maddie has conquered her fears over sitting on the toilet seat for a pee pee! Yaaay let’s see if Bridget will follow up soon. I bet she will.


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