Bye, Nanny!

The girls said good bye to their babysitter who had been assisting me take care of them since they were 5 months young. Been a week without her and there sure is something missing they probably cannot tell but their behaviors say it all. They refused to eat (like, exponentially refused now), they kept fighting and crying sometimes over nothing. I understand it is not easy to let go one of your closest friends but I need to tell them that life must go on, in their own language of course. So after series of text exchanges with the babysitter who kept saying how she can’t sleep, can’t eat, as she missed the girls too much, we were finally connected through a phone call. She wept as she called each of the girl’s name, saying sorry and so on and so forth. I will certainly give her a call again whenever she misses the girls and let them communicate until she’s no longer that emotional.

Believe it or not, after that phone call, we did a smooth lunch together. Everyone listened to what I said and took a nap properly. Ok I may not wanna jinx it since there’s still dinner but I think we did a nice closure with their former babysitter.



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