Triplets Turning Three!

Just before they slept tonight, I went all nostalgic of how they were sooooooo little. Born so skinny and as tiny as a teddy bear, two of them had to stay in incubators for another 16 days to grow, milk time was super challenging since all they wanted to do was sleep and sleep catching up what they missed for a few more weeks in my womb. And now, they’re three.

Maddie is still a fierce and firm girl with a sensitive heart. She’s also shy now to people she just met. She loves to tell her sisters what to do and often opts for peace rather than to fight over a silly thing. You can hear her speak let alone laugh from a long distance.

Bridget eats more and more each day and her curiosity could kill a lion. She asks a lot and never stops talking until she gets what she needs to hear. And because of that amount of curiosity too, she is able to take off all her clothes before shower and put on her pants as well as help her sister when asked, put on and take off socks and shoes, do the dishes after cleaning up post meals, and yet still super clingy and possesive to her dad.

Izzie is a fast learner and sometimes I wonder if it’s true that according to some Javanese people, the youngest multiple sibling is usually the oldest, because she tends to be the one who seems to be mature, despite the fact she likes to be called Baby Arlo. She graduated from toilet training in less than a week and is now very comfortable using the toilet, she’s like the girls’s spokesperson who answers questions from strangers or anyone but their family.

Other than individual milestones, all of them can now recite almost fluently three surahs: Al Fatihah, Al Ikhlas and An Nas. Sing all the time, pick their noses and give their booger to me and love to make a mess around the house just like any kids at their age.

I pray for their longevity, health, happiness, wealth and usefullness in life.

Happy birthday, my babies. Shine on.



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