Living with Three 3YO’s

Juggling among works, house chores and most importantly the girls has been quite smoother these days. I don’t want to jinx it but it’s true they say that kids are getting easier to live with as they get bigger. Sure it’s a lifetime of paranoia, only in another kind of forms. Guess it’s what’s parenthood, hmm motherhood is all about, though.

I have found the girls are more like my besties now. We eat, watch TV, read, cook and play together. They looove to sit on the kitchen counter and watch me cook, super happy when I ask them to help hold the mixer or sprinkle the chocolate chips when we bake our cookies or cupcakes. 

Over play time, sometimes they get too carried away with their own scenes they don’t want me to take part of. Yay, more time to catch up on my fav sitcoms. But most of the times, they ask me to join their imaginative rides. Current hit these days in home is the school scene, where two of them pretend to be classmates and one is the teacher, while I’m the baby. Payback time, huh, kiddos? 

You can always tell that the only time when our home sounds really quiet is when the kids take a nap or sleep at night. Other than that, there are endless conversations, fights over toys, mom gives order to kids, kids give order to mom and so on and so forth. My favorite line to say has got to be: “Please lower your voice down pleasee, Mom’s working.” While theirs, “Mom, what are you working at?  “Have you finished working?” “What is that you’re making for lunch?” “Is that the smell of Jelly? “What Jelly are we eating today?” “Can we have Jelly now?” 

You see, I only stop talking when I sleep.


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