Food and Beverage

We, that’s me and my triplet girls, went to fix my broken phone at a mall nearby just last week. We stopped by for lunch at that famous udon place to find a few kids also dining with their mothers alone. I kept showing my girls that none of them was fed by their moms, the kids who were slightly older than the girls ate by themselves. Bridget always replies to this discussion, “Only babies are fed by their moms, right Mom?” And I always say, “Why, of course! Therefore, since you girls are no longer babies, you have to feed yourself.”

I took the liberty to have a small chat with a Japanese lady who sat next to us after we both left our tables. She carried her baby while the bigger sister, aged 4, sat on the stroller shortly after she finished her bowls of udon. We both exchanged compliments and to my surprise, that was actually the last time I fed my girls, at that restaurant. 

Later in the afternoon, as Bridget and Izzie got up from their nap, all three of us sat on their pink chairs, getting ready for dinner when they now refused to be fed! Wasn’t I the happiest mom on earth?! Well I know it took them a while to finally eat by themselves, in my defense, I raise them with my two bare hands so I definitely need a few more time in reaching a milestone, but all I noticed from these three is that they need a real good example to finally hit them. More than just words. Not even words coming from their mom. ESPECIALLY not that one.

Same case when we said good bye to our milk bottles. God knows how long and how much money I have spent on buying attractive looking bottles with straws or glasses just to ditch the milk bottles. Eventually, a visit to dentist who told ME that drinking milk while sleeping could damage their teeth and caused them for another visit to the dentist, -they were paying attention despite the dentist spoke to me-, did a really significant change to our life. Later in the evening, everyone went to bed after finishing their milk and no more midnight milk drinking. We’ve switched the formula into fresh or UHT milk and really push on their food intake. But hey, those Japanese kids only had udon for lunch, no meat nor veggies seen, and they’re still one of the brightest nations on earth. I can get easy on it every once in a while, I reckon. 


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