Blame It on The Wind

Today rounded the second month we dealed with doctors the most, hospital trips and all those restless nights checking the girls’ temperature, giving warm damp towels to help reduce the high fever and just being worried. 

I blame it on the wind.

Whenever there’s a bit of sunshine, the wind has always been stronger. I once took the girls out for some free loads of vitamin D -after weeks of absence due to the windy situation-, but the cost I had to pay was the girls catching fever shortly after since the winds seemed to take control on everything.

Bridget marked the most frequent hospital visitor since December. This month alone, she has seen a doctor for three times. The nasty virus after the school holiday has suffered all the girls high fever just a couple of weeks ago, followed by contagious coughs and flu symptoms. 

And tonight, another trip to the hospital’s ER was taken after Izzie threw up too frequently this afternoon, causing her unability to take down anything. Thankfully, the doctor soon released us after a thorough reaction check so that Izzie wouldn’t need to get some IV treatment. 

Since there are only five of us – me, hubby and triplet girls-, so sometimes I need to wait for hubby to come home from work to look after the healthy kids, while I can take the sick one to hospital. I’m thankful that my girls have always been cooperative during our trips, they would just sit nicely in the car, say less words so that mommy can drive smoothly despite the worried mind, fall asleep sometimes, and just do whatever told. I once left Bridget in the car, locked her in, while I did a real quick stop at a minimarket to get her some soft food. And she was just sitting there at her seat in silence, did exactly as she was told to. I burst into tears just to think that she might’ve been too weak to resist her mom’s orders.

Hope the strange strong winds disappear soon so we can say hello again to the true organic healer, Mr. Golden Sun. 

In the meantime, here’s hope that all the kids in the world will stay healthy and happy. 


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