Triplets Turning Three!

Just before they slept tonight, I went all nostalgic of how they were sooooooo little. Born so skinny and as tiny as a teddy bear, two of them had to stay in incubators for another 16 days to grow, milk time was super challenging since all they wanted to do was sleep and sleep catching up what they missed for a few more weeks in my womb. And now, they’re three.

Maddie is still a fierce and firm girl with a sensitive heart. She’s also shy now to people she just met. She loves to tell her sisters what to do and often opts for peace rather than to fight over a silly thing. You can hear her speak let alone laugh from a long distance.

Bridget eats more and more each day and her curiosity could kill a lion. She asks a lot and never stops talking until she gets what she needs to hear. And because of that amount of curiosity too, she is able to take off all her clothes before shower and put on her pants as well as help her sister when asked, put on and take off socks and shoes, do the dishes after cleaning up post meals, and yet still super clingy and possesive to her dad.

Izzie is a fast learner and sometimes I wonder if it’s true that according to some Javanese people, the youngest multiple sibling is usually the oldest, because she tends to be the one who seems to be mature, despite the fact she likes to be called Baby Arlo. She graduated from toilet training in less than a week and is now very comfortable using the toilet, she’s like the girls’s spokesperson who answers questions from strangers or anyone but their family.

Other than individual milestones, all of them can now recite almost fluently three surahs: Al Fatihah, Al Ikhlas and An Nas. Sing all the time, pick their noses and give their booger to me and love to make a mess around the house just like any kids at their age.

I pray for their longevity, health, happiness, wealth and usefullness in life.

Happy birthday, my babies. Shine on.



Bye, Nanny!

The girls said good bye to their babysitter who had been assisting me take care of them since they were 5 months young. Been a week without her and there sure is something missing they probably cannot tell but their behaviors say it all. They refused to eat (like, exponentially refused now), they kept fighting and crying sometimes over nothing. I understand it is not easy to let go one of your closest friends but I need to tell them that life must go on, in their own language of course. So after series of text exchanges with the babysitter who kept saying how she can’t sleep, can’t eat, as she missed the girls too much, we were finally connected through a phone call. She wept as she called each of the girl’s name, saying sorry and so on and so forth. I will certainly give her a call again whenever she misses the girls and let them communicate until she’s no longer that emotional.

Believe it or not, after that phone call, we did a smooth lunch together. Everyone listened to what I said and took a nap properly. Ok I may not wanna jinx it since there’s still dinner but I think we did a nice closure with their former babysitter.


Toilet Training: Accomplished #1

Toilet training has been as challenging as serving food to toddlers (and so many other things when it comes to toddlers!), but after toooo many attempts, three kids-friendly toilet seats purchased just because they wanted to and pee-smelling spots around our home, we finally made it! Well, just one out of three but not bad for a starter. Izzie is the queen of doing number two on her Thomas and Friends toilet seat! Thanks to the cheerleaders squad around the bathroom door who clapped for her attempts on the toilet, while snacking avocados. After a successful morning, she seemed to be uncomfortable after waking up from her nap in her diapers. I changed it into her undies and soon she went back to see Percy in the bathroom and did a poo poo. Wow twice in a day!

Bridget was actually the first to get along with her toilet seat collections, hanging around them without producing any pee or another, but it’s okay. Izzie, however, was always the one to say no for any toilet training before and she turned out to be the first to accomplish the challenge.

Maddie still refuses to sit still but I see all of them have started to feel uncomfortable with their diapers. She’s one of the kinds who hold her pee until time for nap when she gets a diaper. Another challenge to overcome with.

However, still psyched with Izzie and her first toilet experience at aged 2y9m. A bit late but hey I handle three at a time (my fav excuse). Yayy so cannot wait to toss those diapers away. Hubby must be very happy if we lose the items off of the weekly groceries!

Update by Feb 23, 2016: Maddie has conquered her fears over sitting on the toilet seat for a pee pee! Yaaay let’s see if Bridget will follow up soon. I bet she will.

Fun in The Not So Much of Sun

We took a short getaway to the nearest beach, Anyer, a couple of weeks ago, to play with the sand. Took off at around 9 only to arrive three hours later. At exactly 12 o’clock, the girls all woke up from their nap in the car and looking for some bite to grab. I managed to prepare fried noodles and everyone finished it off in no time just before reaching the hotel.

After unloading and refreshing a bit, we finally got into the private beach and everyone was quickly involved into the sandy business.










Taking a dip in the pool is so refreshing! They didn’t want to leave until nearing dinner time.

After a long and full of activities kind of day, we ran out of food and snacks! All those breads which left untouched back home, suddenly became popular among the girls. Lucky I brought just about everything from the kitchen. And yet still we ran out of food! Out of excitement, the girls went out the room to experience night life (at 7pm) despite their onesies and all prepared to sleep thing. Oh well, it’s holiday so no rules.

Nigh life, by the hotel’s pool 😁

The next day was also nothing but sand and pool.



Donuts, sausages, toasts and lots of different kinds of juice for breakfast. All loaded and ready to head back home.

Here’s a leap for a better new year from yours truly. Happy 2016!

Food for The Thought

One of the most talked about topics when meeting fellow mothers of toddlers is that how picky and moody their kids are when it comes to meal time. My triplets are no exception. It’s been a long-time battle to get them polished off highly nutritious plate of food. Giving them a platter of biscuits, fruits, veggies and cheese or other source of protein and fat will only worsen situation as they will most probably tend to eat the item they like only. But what if I serve some fried fish dumplings or anything with a crunchy sensation in mouth? They’ll finish it in less than five minutes. What about that chicken porridge at a Chinese restaurant we know just how much MSG they pour in a bowl? All gone in ten minutes. Need I say more about those french fries and crispy fried chicken that junk food resto is offering? I bet kids will find it hard to refuse.

A couple of nights ago, I wasn’t succeeded in getting Bridget eat dinner. She wouldn’t touch anything I served until frustation led me to reach for a glass of instant noodles. Didn’t have time to cook the broth I put a dash of the seasonings into it, add some egg and sausage chunks. The result? You got it, super fast and easy, gone in less than five minutes.

I still haven’t found the formula of preparing delicious food and yet packed with all the nutritions kids need. But hey, who here opts for a glass of whey smoothies rather than a bubble tea? Or a bowl of oatmeal when you see there’s a basket of hamburger with french fries around? Exactly.




Doze Off

Watching my babies sleep…
So precious!
Peaceful and innocent.
It almost seems impossible that these girls always create a mess everyday all over the house.

Chasing them just to get them sit down and eat properly and in return they will tell you to “sit down please”,

Constantly telling them that snacks aren’t allowed before meal times so they can get their hands off the fridge door which seems to be their fav thing to do all day,

Frequently asking them to wait and take turn during shower time although most of the time they enjoy taking it altogether,

Again, chasing them around so they can get dressed after shower wearing outfits they personally choose out of the wardrobe,

And the list continues until it’s time for a good night sleep again. Everyone will invite me to sleep next to them I wish I could split myself into three pieces. After prayers and lullabies, they’re finally put to sleep and I get to enjoy one of the most beautiful things in my life, watching them sleep. And catching up TV series for sure.