Yogyakarta Trip

Saw the blog drafts which mostly consist of our travel stories! Haha so here is my commitment this week to finalise the whole unfinished posts before we get on another trip. Let’s start from our holiday in Yogyakarta sone time in April. Last year. Yup, 2016! Buckle up, here goes the effort of finishing things I start.

We went on a real quick trip to Jogjakarta, Central Java. Not much of a perfect timing since I was in a middle of a hectic week preparing for an event to work on, however, we managed to have loads of fun despite the facts I still needed to run things over the phone.
Day 1
It was an afternoon flight so we were headed to the airport after the girls had decent lunch. You know, the most important thing about traveling with kids is to constantly feed them, make them eat and stuff their stomach frequently in moderate portions in order to avoid sickness. Once we arrived at the airport, the girls just didn’t stop showing their joy by speaking so loudly to each other, “we’re going on a trip!” “We’re going by airplane!” And stuff like that. Maddie has become very protective of her sister as well as she always came and chased Izzie just to hold her hand. Hand in hand, these two walked cheerfully all through the check-in into the gate. We didn’t bring any strollers after a few considerations such as the distance of both airports are not that significant and as always, we traveled light. Our single suitcase mostly consisted of food and diapers, in a hope they would be replaced by souvenirs or anything from the destination.

It was exactly nap time for the girls as the plane took off. Izzie and Maddie didn’t waste any time to doze off while Bridget took some time to browse through the inflight magazine before taking a nap. Was probably the shortest flight we had with the girls, only an hour and we were there already! I even needed to wake Izzie up and she was still very much sleepy when we stepped down from the aircraft.

Waiting for boarding has never been boring when you have your fav sisters (and sweets!) as your travel companions.

Anyways, we made it to Jogjakarta’s airport, -which suddenly brought tears to my eyes just to see the place my dad used to learn how to fly an aircraft waay back then during his military years before switching to commercial-, at almost 4. Our hotel transport has texted they’re here and claiming a single baggage didn’t take that long either. So by 4.30 we were all cleared and left for the hotel.

Bridget has started asking about food soon as we arrived at the hotel. No wonder, it was almost 5, dinner time.
Soon as we reached our room, the little mouths were all stuffed with fried noodles I ordered in Jakarta just before we left home. At around 6, we went out to experience Jogjakarta at night by the traditional transport, Becak, aiming for Mirota (now Hamzah) Batik which was only a few minutes away from the hotel. Turned out the place was really crowded and totally inconvinient for kids during Saturday morning. Good for them they found a pretty interesting spot to explore.




We went back to the hotel after the girls’s first Saturday night out and everyone was asleep by 8pm.


Day 2

It’s time to visit one of the Top 10 Destinations in Indonesia, former World’s Seven Wonders and proof of ancient, machine-less science: Borobudur Temple.

Ready to hit the road after breakfast.

We took off a little late than our initial plan since the driver was late. It took an hour to reach the temple and we were there by 9am after a quick drive-through of our lunch. And when we got there, it was already super hot! Yes, it’s true when they say come as early as possible to avoid the terrible heat. I bought a floppy hat offered by street vendors which eventually came really protective. Too bad the girls refused any kinds of hats, but we rented an umbrella.

We took the bunny car from the entrance to spightly near the temple. Under that kind of heat, no strollers, long walks and three toddlers, I felt like being one of the Fear Factor contestants, minus the fear. Just the crazy challenges. Anyways, we managed to climb to the first level of the temple and that was it, we didn’t want to go any higher considering the heat. Izzie was yawning all the time signaling that her brain needed more oxygen supply so trying not to cause further exhaustion, we took quick snaps then took off.

Ring a round a rosy-ing anywhere!

We were then headed to Solo, a neighboring city where my parent come from on a mission to find my grandma and ancestors’ graveyards. Guided by my mom and GPS, the search was another Fear Factor material – minus the fear, thank you!- with the bumpy roads and three bored girls who had lunch on the go, somebody decided to throw up in the car. Well, good news was our mission was accomplished. After finding the graveyard, we took so little time to browse the city by stopping by one of the Laweyan stores for some batik shopping. Well, it was more of an excuse to freshen up while changing the girls with fresh outfits.

In front of Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat, the residence of Solo’s royal family. 

Three mouths to feed and clothes to change and I suddenly lost my appetite to shop for more batik at one of Laweyan shops. 

Serabi Notosuman, the city’s signature food. 

Just before dusk, we were already on the road to Yogyakarta again and arrived at the hotel at around 7 pm to find this cute surprise:

Three little individually-wrapped bakpias -Yogyakarta’s signature delicacy- presented on the bed for the three little adventurers. The hotel staff has been really friendly and helpful after knowing that they’re triplets. 

After shower, the girls fed their curiosity by munching on bakpia and some yakult before bed time. 

Day 3

Time to go home! But before that, we explored Melia Purosani, the hotel we had been staying at a little bit further after breakfast.

Hi fish, do you wanna play with us?

The performing artists were excited to find a “stage” 


Bye, Nanny!

The girls said good bye to their babysitter who had been assisting me take care of them since they were 5 months young. Been a week without her and there sure is something missing they probably cannot tell but their behaviors say it all. They refused to eat (like, exponentially refused now), they kept fighting and crying sometimes over nothing. I understand it is not easy to let go one of your closest friends but I need to tell them that life must go on, in their own language of course. So after series of text exchanges with the babysitter who kept saying how she can’t sleep, can’t eat, as she missed the girls too much, we were finally connected through a phone call. She wept as she called each of the girl’s name, saying sorry and so on and so forth. I will certainly give her a call again whenever she misses the girls and let them communicate until she’s no longer that emotional.

Believe it or not, after that phone call, we did a smooth lunch together. Everyone listened to what I said and took a nap properly. Ok I may not wanna jinx it since there’s still dinner but I think we did a nice closure with their former babysitter.


Toilet Training: Accomplished #1

Toilet training has been as challenging as serving food to toddlers (and so many other things when it comes to toddlers!), but after toooo many attempts, three kids-friendly toilet seats purchased just because they wanted to and pee-smelling spots around our home, we finally made it! Well, just one out of three but not bad for a starter. Izzie is the queen of doing number two on her Thomas and Friends toilet seat! Thanks to the cheerleaders squad around the bathroom door who clapped for her attempts on the toilet, while snacking avocados. After a successful morning, she seemed to be uncomfortable after waking up from her nap in her diapers. I changed it into her undies and soon she went back to see Percy in the bathroom and did a poo poo. Wow twice in a day!

Bridget was actually the first to get along with her toilet seat collections, hanging around them without producing any pee or another, but it’s okay. Izzie, however, was always the one to say no for any toilet training before and she turned out to be the first to accomplish the challenge.

Maddie still refuses to sit still but I see all of them have started to feel uncomfortable with their diapers. She’s one of the kinds who hold her pee until time for nap when she gets a diaper. Another challenge to overcome with.

However, still psyched with Izzie and her first toilet experience at aged 2y9m. A bit late but hey I handle three at a time (my fav excuse). Yayy so cannot wait to toss those diapers away. Hubby must be very happy if we lose the items off of the weekly groceries!

Update by Feb 23, 2016: Maddie has conquered her fears over sitting on the toilet seat for a pee pee! Yaaay let’s see if Bridget will follow up soon. I bet she will.

Fun in The Not So Much of Sun

We took a short getaway to the nearest beach, Anyer, a couple of weeks ago, to play with the sand. Took off at around 9 only to arrive three hours later. At exactly 12 o’clock, the girls all woke up from their nap in the car and looking for some bite to grab. I managed to prepare fried noodles and everyone finished it off in no time just before reaching the hotel.

After unloading and refreshing a bit, we finally got into the private beach and everyone was quickly involved into the sandy business.










Taking a dip in the pool is so refreshing! They didn’t want to leave until nearing dinner time.

After a long and full of activities kind of day, we ran out of food and snacks! All those breads which left untouched back home, suddenly became popular among the girls. Lucky I brought just about everything from the kitchen. And yet still we ran out of food! Out of excitement, the girls went out the room to experience night life (at 7pm) despite their onesies and all prepared to sleep thing. Oh well, it’s holiday so no rules.

Nigh life, by the hotel’s pool 😁

The next day was also nothing but sand and pool.



Donuts, sausages, toasts and lots of different kinds of juice for breakfast. All loaded and ready to head back home.

Here’s a leap for a better new year from yours truly. Happy 2016!

Strolling Down Singapore

We just marked another milestone, taking the girls for a quick holiday just the five of us. After a successful series with a help of our parents going to Bali and Kuala Lumpur-Pekanbaru, my husband and I (mostly him, though!), came up with some crazy thought to take triplets and fly to Singapore, the nearest neighboring country, for a challenge and not to mention, new experience for us, mostly.

Turns out it was really fun! Details are below.

Day -7
The girs have been locked in the house , they’re not allowed to go anywhere except for a morning
walk and a super quick bicycle ride in the afternoon. No malls, no parks, no grandparents’ homes. Just to make sure the girls were in a tiptop condition no virus exchange or anything. Also, we started to buy new toys/books/magazines/snacks to keep them sit still during flights. Since it was going to be their first sitting by themselves, good thing we have always used the carseats so they already got used to sit alone. Still, anticipation is key.

Day -1
All packed, my handcarry looks like a huge luggage already with EVERYTHING inside. From diapers, extra clothes, to triple kinds of snacks, beverages, milk bottles, toys, and books. Plus a camera, a makeup pouch, iphone, and a wallet. Aaaand a Macbook. Go figure the weight! The thing about working from home is that you seamlessly get a holiday. But hey, no complains, love my works and their flexibility. My hubby was taking care our travel documents. We managed to take one big luggage for our clothes and two mini strollers.
Everyone was told to sleep early so we could get up fast.

Day 1
Woke up at 3, doing all the house chores, took shower and final preparation. Woke the girls at 4am. Spongebathed them, fed them with baby porridge just to make sure we didn’t leave home with an empty stomach. Everyone was all set as the taxi arrived by 4.45am. Checked in the airport at 5.15 for our 7am flight, quick playground time for the girls which successfully put giggles on their faces this early. Great start.

Good morning from the airport’s playground!

Shortly after, we got into immigration and lounge. First snacking time was all about energy and sugar. Who doesn’t love Milo nugget bites? All two packs were gone in no time. Awesome, everyone was now all awake, a bit sugar-rushed and giddy. We proceeded into the aircraft and guess what, the girls found no difficulties to adjust to their own seats. Bridget and dad sat on the left side, while I, Maddie and Izzie sat on the other side. Maddie quickly explored all the magazines at the seat pocket. She found Frozen pictures and didn’t take her eyes off of them since. While Izzie enjoyed the window seating, looking out the activities outside and Bridget did lots of selfies with her dad. Oh they had another snack time here, too, this time everyone held a pack of strawberry Pocky. Super happy. Izzie quickly fell asleep on my lap for the whole flight. As for Maddie and Bridget, they spent the 2-hour journey by chitchatting and singing as if there were no other passengers around. The power of sugar!


We arrived at 10am in Singapore. Got ourselves a taxi and reached for the hotel with sleeping toddler passengers. Bridget and Maddie got a power nap after skipping one in the plane. Touched down the hotel at almost midday, I asked if the room was ready and out of luck, it actually was. They gave a couple hours of
early checkin instead after seeing us traveling with 3 running kids who were ruining the Christmas trees down the lobby. 😂

Perfect time for lunch as we finally landed in our room. The girls seemed to starve they finished meals in no time while the adults need to wait for a couple more hours to get our dream lunch.



When asked whether they prefered for a nap or to explore the city, all in favor for option two, obviously. So we headed to the nearest Harbourfront MRT station just accros the street next to Vivo City Mall. Our first destination was the country’s landmark, Merlion. We took the nonstop journey despite it was probably quicker if we transit for at another line and platform, but after a super exciting first momentum taking the MRT, the girls dozed off. They spent the first ten minutes asking anything they saw, heard and felt, before finally falling asleep.

Getting used to an afternoon nap, these toddlers stole some time in MRT to doze off.

Gathering strength soon as alighted at Esplanade station.

Rain started to fall soon as we arrived here

First time for triplets to walk in the rain! Yaaay!

Plan B: exploring inside Esplanade since rain got harder. Operation Merlion was a no go.

Ending up in a mall. As much as we tried to avoid malls, the girls didn’t seem to mind at all.

We grabbed dinner at the mall , donuts for the girls, and take-away Subway and Kebabs for grownups.

Nesting back at the hotel. Maddie had another banana cake, while the rest munching on sandwich shortly after taking shower. Despite how tired they were, but they could only sleep at 8pm as usual. Time for me to eat everything I saw.

Day 2
Everyone woke up real late today, at 6.30am! We had a quick breakkie, shower and all set to explore the city by 9.30am. We hopped on the pink train to Sentosa World and planning to spend the day at around Universal Studios. Not inside, just at the neighborhood. They haven’t understood the rides yet and I’m still recovering from my past experience taking that roller-coaster ride which turned my world upside down, literally.

Anyways, we took the mandatory picture in front of the rotating globe.


Mission accomplished!

Taking an Oreo break. Making sure that everyone had lots of water.

Cookie monster Izzie

“Look, it’s a boat!”

A thorough inspection on the candy truck. All clear!

And after taking a quick and full of chasing toddlers around at my most favorite place of sanctuary, Candylicious, we had lunch at Malaysia Street Food. With Nasi Lemak on everyone’s plate and a huge help from hungry little stomach, they finished in no time. Maddie even managed to munch on Canai bread for dessert.




Waiting for the food

Everyone looooooved Garrett!

Snapping pictures of three of them has always been challenging.

We went back to Vivo City Mall afterwards but unfortunately, it was raining hard so no more outdoor activity for the day. Waiting for the rain by shopping for takeaway dinner food, sandwich and pizza were on the list. It was almost 4pm we left the mall under drizzling rain. Since taxi was beyond unbelievable in Singapore that we need to tell the drivers where we headed with a 50-50 chance to be approved or otherwise, with the fact that our hotel was just across the street, we opted for a super sprint run while carrying shopping bags…and oh, three toddlers. Here’s a better image of how we started the day rather than the end of it.


Day 3
Nothing much to do, we spent the whole morning by packing and repacking. I made a quick night tour around the city (read: factory outlet mall) the night before shortly after putting the girls to sleep at 7pm. So there were a few adjustments made since I went back to the hotel with new stuff for the girls only. That’s the thing about having kids, I guess. You hardly think about yourself anymore and always put them on top of all, especially in the shopping department. Besides, the shops were almost closed by the time I reached the mall, though.

Anyways, we checked out from the hotel at 9.30 for our 2pm flight. Made a deal with the taxi driver to make a quick stop for a photograph with Merlion on the background.

Tadaaa the lion was facing another direction 😝

At around 11 we arrived at the airport, checked-in, only to find that the key of the baggage was still attached to its lock…on the baggage. So yeah, an extra time and effort before finally chicken rice for lunch at the terminal’s food court for the girls.

And as expected, the flight has been delayed for an hour so we had time for several more selfies at the airport’s festivities spot.


Maddie and Izzie have passed their chocolate limit for the day and guess what Bridget did to cheer her sisters while waiting for another flight delay. Lucky she doesn’t have that many sweet teeth as they do.

The girls were all set to board the plane. Can you guess which two of these three who pooped just before taking off? Never missed a chance to keep Mommy busy, for sure! Now you know why I hide too many Haribos, Nerds and all those sour jellybeans in my purse. Yup, I eat all of those things to keep me sane energized.

Anyways, our flight back home was pretty much bumpy all the way but the girls managed to sleep and skipped strawberry Pocky this time. Too tired after a half-day playdate at the airport.

All in all, it was a real enjoyable trip. It’s true they say how taking young kids for a holiday is better and easier when they’re older, but we just love the idea of taking our kids to see the world despite the fact they may not understand yet, and honestly, this was so much better than our previous trips since the girls have become more independent and communicative in a language we understand. I had lesser time spent cleaning the bottles, they’re having a great time playing with their siblings and thanks to the itinerary that kept them busy, they looked and felt hungry all the time. Happy day for me!

Food for The Thought

One of the most talked about topics when meeting fellow mothers of toddlers is that how picky and moody their kids are when it comes to meal time. My triplets are no exception. It’s been a long-time battle to get them polished off highly nutritious plate of food. Giving them a platter of biscuits, fruits, veggies and cheese or other source of protein and fat will only worsen situation as they will most probably tend to eat the item they like only. But what if I serve some fried fish dumplings or anything with a crunchy sensation in mouth? They’ll finish it in less than five minutes. What about that chicken porridge at a Chinese restaurant we know just how much MSG they pour in a bowl? All gone in ten minutes. Need I say more about those french fries and crispy fried chicken that junk food resto is offering? I bet kids will find it hard to refuse.

A couple of nights ago, I wasn’t succeeded in getting Bridget eat dinner. She wouldn’t touch anything I served until frustation led me to reach for a glass of instant noodles. Didn’t have time to cook the broth I put a dash of the seasonings into it, add some egg and sausage chunks. The result? You got it, super fast and easy, gone in less than five minutes.

I still haven’t found the formula of preparing delicious food and yet packed with all the nutritions kids need. But hey, who here opts for a glass of whey smoothies rather than a bubble tea? Or a bowl of oatmeal when you see there’s a basket of hamburger with french fries around? Exactly.